Why should you join a college society? Reasons to join a college society


A college is a place that opens numerous doorways for every student who has aspired to be something in life. It is extremely likely that from the stressful times of our board examinations till the admission into a college we lose track of our hobbies or skills which might not pertain to academics. Cultural societies play a role in ensuring that these skills are not forgotten in the chaos of our collegiate struggles. They add zest to the everyday mundane routines of our lives. There are many college societies like Enactus, Spic Macay and etc, which are present in almost all the colleges around the nation. So, here are 8 reasons strong enough to convince you to join a college society.

Here are 8 reasons why you should join a college society

1. Meeting new people

The first few days in college could be daunting, the pressure of fitting in or finding friends and whatnot. It is admittedly quite tricky navigating in uncharted waters but don’t worry, what could be better than finding a group of like-minded people? That is where auditioning for a society could help you. If you are a fashionista then you might find your Sephora-soulmate right in the glamorous fashion society or a musical companion in a music society.

2. Enhancing your skillset

As it has been famously said “View life as a continuous learning experience.” Societies could provide you with a platform that helps you push your boundaries and gain expertise in your own forte. Be it performing arts or visual arts, your work needs a platform to showcase itself.

3. Mentor in your seniors

Each society has a mentor or an expert in a field in a senior or a professor. They strive to make you an excellent artist or a performer. Guidance is always welcome, it helps you in being a better version of yourself.

4. Organisational skills

Being a part of a society will mostly turn out to be an excellent outlet for your organizational skills. More often than not a society organizes either a fest or/and a competition. It would be relevant to the particular society, for instance, it could be a dance competition for a dance society or a poetry slam for a literary society. it provides an opportunity for you to be backstage at the command center.

5. Exposure

Societies have a lot going on throughout the year. If it is not organizing an event then it is participating in another or collaborating with someone. All in all, it gives you many occasions to experience and do a lot of new and exciting things. This exposure helps you gain confidence and overcome stage fright.

6. Networking

Networking is an important aspect of your college life that helps you out in your professional career. Your seniors and ex-members might guide you once you step outside your college into the real world.

7. Certificate perks

Building a good curriculum vitae is an imperative in the duration of getting your degree. In addition to performing well in academics, you have to start working on your CV’s as soon as possible in this very competitive world. Societies play a key role here too, you get certificates for participating, winning, organizing or even volunteering in an event it holds.

8. Recreation

An important aspect of going to college is having fun and making memories. We would not remember the times we studied very hard for the end semester exams or even the mundane classes. It will be the memories we made while being out there and having fun. College is the best time to experiment with yourself. societies provide endless avenues for such things.

In conclusion, societies are great for your all-around personal and professional development but it is not always about acing a field, come to join them for fun. You could join something you are good at or try out something new and exciting. In the distant future when all of us are reminiscing about the days of our college I’m sure it will include the echoes of all the memories we made during those rehearsals and competitions.

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