Why internships are a trigger to your Dream job | How Internships help in getting a job


Initially, Every aspirant in their school days aspires to get into a good college, but being in a well-reputed college with extremely high marks may never lead to get your dream job. There can be a different route you want to take when you start your career. There can be various scenarios when you graduate from college.

An internship is just like job training for an undergraduate or in other an official program offered by an employer to a fresher. It will help you in exploring different career paths. Training is necessary to nurture ones career growth as being a fresher, one can explore different paths with hands-on experience. At the same time, it will help you in giving a secure base that will provide more on learning aspect, developing necessary skills and all the hesitation will overcome after a certain period of time. It will help you to prepare for actual job scenario.

An internship will let you decide what you actually want. It will help in exploring different career path with hands-on experience. Internship triggers to get your dream job.

Why an Internship

  • Being a novice, hands-on experience will play a major role in getting a job.
  • An experienced person will be having an extra edge over an inexperienced person.
  • A competitive advantage over your peers.
  • It helps in building a professional network.
  • Internship creates uniqueness amongst all. It can be used to search for the most talented people.

Importance of Internships in College

Benefits of an Internship

  • It helps in exploring a different career path.
  • Helps in building a long-term career path ie resume building as your academic performance is not enough to get a good start to your career.
  • You can pick internship as a trial period which helps in exploring different paths which interest you the most.
  • Add work experience and additional skills to your resume.
  • It will give you real hands-on work experience which you will never get from your academic life.
  • It will help you to experience actual job scenario or a ‘real world’ corporate.
  • It helps in establishing a network with same interest of peer groups. You will also get an opportunity to came into contact with a few HR managers. Build a healthy relationship to ask for help in the future.

How Internships will help in getting a job?

  • Helps in preparing for better workplace skills.
  • Required skills for a job will give an edge if you already did an internship in the same domain.
  • Enhance real-time development of a person along with communication skills.
  • Grow Network with the same interest group and keep looking for opportunities.
  • Helps in deciding the optimum path you want to follow.
  • Experience in the real world job scenario.

Internship Platforms – Where to find Internships

In today’s era, there are a plethora of platforms provided by various sites and resources for recruitment of interns. One needs to search for the actual skillset they want to develop in oneself. The easiest and the most appropriate way of learning any skillset is to work within startups. Startups are actually a company that is in its first stage of operation which has been founded by a few entrepreneurs who believe that there is a demand for a particular service or a product. Startups generally require freshers or less experienced person. They trained them so that one can work at an industrial level. Some of the useful sites are mentioned –