Why Biggest key to success is Self Discipline | How to attain Self Discipline to become successful


Many people fail in life. But success always starts with failure. After getting failed, you will soon realize that all success starts with failure. If you look at some of the most successful people you will realize how many times these individuals have failed in their life. You will realize how they transformed failure into success. They actually discovered and learned the reason for their failure and work assiduously towards their weakness through self-discipline. It is about taking possession of your mind and actions. Read why everyone should attain Self Discipline to become successful.

Self-discipline is about what you SHOULD do rather than what you WANT to do.

Why Self Discipline is important?

  • Our brain is not defined to do things which we fear are uncomfortable. It is protecting us from those things in order to keep us alive. We need to do the things which are difficult in order to live peacefully. This can be done through self-discipline.
  •  It is not about we lack motivation or something which we fear we can’t do it is about learning the art of self-discipline. By practicing self-discipline, we can do the things which we fear.
  • If we learned the art of self-discipline we will able to take the right decision at the right time as we will be able to control our mind and will know which steps should be taken with the best case scenario.
  • Every successful person either had failed a number of times or had never failed. He had definitely practiced the art of self-discipline.
  • Self-discipline not only helps in getting success in the professional lives but also in personal lives. It is an ability to control one’s feeling and overcome one’s weaknesses.
  • It is about conquering mental and physical well being. It will help in building a clear schedule for tomorrow.

Practices to attain Self Confidence

1. Setting up the Goals

Setting up Goals - How to attain Self Discipline - Why Self Discipline is the biggest key to success

This is the first and the foremost step to practice an art of self-discipline. You should always be clear in your mind about your goal what are your long-term plans what actually you want. Set your goals, Write it down, Make a plan for it and Work continuously towards it.

Avoid procrastination, Plan now without any delay. Don’t spend too long on planning as it leads to delay. Prioritise your work according to it. Show diligence towards it. Soon, it will become a habit for you to work towards them.

2. Physical health

Phyiscal Health - How to attain Self Discipline - Why Self Discipline is the biggest key to success

Physical health is very important in an individual life. Without health, one can’t achieve anything. You should take care of your health. Eat healthy food. Avoid that food which harms your body.  Have a profound sleep which helps your body to keep in healthy state. Also, sleep reflects your mood, your ability to focus. Exercise is also important. It improves your overall health.

3. Period of peace

Period of Peace - How to attain Self Discipline - Why Self Discipline is the biggest key to success

Period of peace comes from gratitude and forgiveness. Gratitude is showing thankfulness for everything. You should be thankful for the things you have. In our daily life, we spend much of our time in worrying about the things which we don’t have. Instead, we should show some gratitude towards the things we have.

Also, try to forgive the little things in life. Try to forgive every big or small event. It will make you emotionally more stable and will have good effects on your health. This is how you can practice period of peace.

4. Learn like a student

Learn like a student - How to attain Self Discipline - Why Self Discipline is the biggest key to success

Always be a student for life. You need to understand the simple rule that you can learn from everywhere whether a person will be younger than your age. Always be ready to learn new things. You can learn new things from every person.

5. Time management

Time management - How to attain Self Discipline - Why Self Discipline is the biggest key to success

Try to form a daily basis small to-do list. It will help you to manage your time effectively. Time management is the key to success. Once you know the art of managing your time. You can do everything.  Read 8 tips for time management to boost your productivity.

6. Habits

Habits - How to attain Self Discipline - Why Self Discipline is the biggest key to success

The biggest pathway to practice self-discipline is our habits. Habits are a regular tendency or practice which is very difficult to give up. Our habits are so much inculcated as we have been for years. It is very difficult to change. We have to see which habit of ours are affecting us in not accomplishing our goal and try to change it. Habits take time to form or break. You have to start small and build your habits slowly in an organized way which will make you a self-disciplined person.

You can start practicing self-discipline at a micro-level approach. Ones you conquer on your physical and mental well-being you can do anything. It is about mastering your destiny, create your life and own your success.