Websites for audiobooks – Top 7 websites to access audiobooks


An audiobook is a recording of a text being read. With the increasing trend of technology nowadays, audio books are gaining popularity, especially among children and youngsters. If you love reading books and are looking for some new thing then audiobooks are worth a try. Here we are presenting a list of top websites for audiobooks. Over there you will find audiobooks in different genres.

Websites for Audiobooks

1.   Scribl

Scribl is a site that offers crowd priced stories to its visitors that means the stories available are priced on the basis of a number of factors such as popularity and genre. This site offers the audiobooks for a minimal amount, however, some free audiobooks are also available. So, if you want some good audiobooks then you must visit this site.


2.   Open Culture

The Open Culture is an online portal that enables its user with an access to optimum educational resources via audio books. The collection of Open Culture includes mostly classics and the books can be searched easily as they are organized alphabetically by author’s last name and by genre. All these audiobooks are available for free of cost and amazing works of some of the best authors such as Hemingway, Tolstoy, Mark Twain, etc, can be found here. Also, the audiobooks are compatible with a variety of platforms depending on the device you are using.

Open Culture

3.   LibriVox at The Internet Archive

LibriVox at the Internet Archive holds a collection of more than 11,000 audio books and poetry recordings, and above all, these are available for free. So, now you can easily get the content that you want easily from here. You can easily search for the content on the basis of keywords, subject, title or by popularity as well. An added advantage that this site provides to its users is that the content can be downloaded easily, so you can use them whenever and where ever you want.


4.   Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud is another online portal that provides its users with a large collection of audio books, lectures and other content for free. There are broad categories available such as business, sports, arts and entertainment, fitness and health, travel etc to attract people with different tastes. Searching content is easy as the results can be filtered easily on the basis of popularity, author name and average rating. So, if you are in search of some really good content then must visit the site.

Leran Out Loud

5.   Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers thousands of free books and audiobooks as well. The content of audio books is available for free download in either human readable form or computer-generated voice. To ease the search of desired content the filters of author name, title and genre and available on the online portal of Project Gutenberg.

Prjoect Gutenberg

6.    Lit2Go

Lit2Go offers a large and free of cost collection of audio books and poetry that can be downloaded in an audiobook format. To ease the user the site provides the facility to view text so that you can read along as you listen to the audio files. Lit2Go is a service provided by Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse and the content available is of great quality.


7.   Story Nory

Story Nory offers an incredible collection of online storybooks for children ranging from original ones to the fairy tales and the content is read by some professional narrators whose style of narration acts as an icing on the cake. There are a number of stories to choose from and new ones are uploaded every week.

Story Nory

If you are an offbeat listener and really enjoy doing something new every time then you must check out all the above-mentioned sites for audiobooks that are available either free of cost or at a minimal price.

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