Want to make a career in content writing? 5 skills you must learn to be successful in content writing


Want to make a career in content writing? Have a desire of being a content writer? Do you have a flair for writing? Do you have what it takes to deliver juicy, crispy and delicious content to the audience? Are you creative in your approach? Well, if you have an interest in content writing, are passionate about it, and willing to learn and improve when critiqued about your writing, then I suppose you should make content writing as your forte. Content writing is an art. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Penning down any piece of content that puts the people into amaze isn’t a walk in the park. It takes time. Some get it right from the first instant, while some learn from their experience.

You might find people with knowledge about worldly things, ranging from sports, politics to cinema and technology, but,  if asked to express the same knowledge in the form of a rich informative write-up, then you’d find them struggling to formulate even a sentence. Yes, that is the bitter truth. One must feel fortunate if he/she has the knack of writing content. Imagination, creativity and a command over the language is a prerequisite, still, it would be worthless if you lack the right direction.

Tell me, how would you feel, if you happen to be the only person to be reading your stuff? Don’t you want the masses to know about the prowess you have about any particular subject?  If you want, then make sure you opt for these 5 skills that would make you a successful content writer.

5 skills you must learn to ace content writing

Catchy Headlines

Catchy Headlines - Want to make a career in content writing - 5 skills you must learn to be successful in content writing

One must have eye-catching headlines that captivate the reader’s attention. No matter how good your content might be, if the headline doesn’t strike curiosity among the readers, then your content won’t be of any help.Headlines are in fact the first noticeable part about any piece of valuable information. Writing informative content is no doubt an art. It requires humongous research to provide a rich informative piece to compel the readers to come back to your articled time and again does require highly beautiful and creative piece of content, but, then again,  it is your headline that grabs the reader’s attention from the first instant.

One effective way of writing highly enthralling headlines is to promise something worthwhile to the audience. Try to include numbers in your headline along with some apt words that generate an urge among the audience to go through your content.

For example – “5 frightening places in Bangalore that could give you nightmares at daytime”  would have higher chances of people reading in as compared to “haunted places in Bangalore”, though they might share similar content.

Reach the right audience 

Know Your Audience - Want to make a career in content writing - 5 skills you must learn to be successful in content writing

Your content won’t be any value if you aren’t aware of your audience. The articles must cater to the needs of the audience. Thus, it is very vital for you to be well aware of the people whom you might be reaching out t through your articles.   Also, while sharing the articles among your friends, family member, or in general over various social media platforms and groups, try to make sure you address the people who could benefit from your information. Just target those key set of people who are in need of such content.

Now,  it could be through forming groups, or communities of like-minded people who share the similar interests then definitely it would prove beneficial for everyone concerned in the group. For example – Blogs or links related to travel would probably have lesser conversions in the groups meant specifically for education.

Writing educational content and posting in groups or communities meant for sports or health and wellness would again face a brutal fate.

Know your audience and accordingly formulate and market the articles.

No Plagiarism!


No Plagiarism - Want to make a career in content writing - 5 skills you must learn to be successful in content writing

No content writer must never stoop down to plagiarism activities. Just ask yourself, if the organizations wanted people just to copy and paste the content, then they could have hired any random individual and not a creative set of personnel. Please, do not resort to plagiarism or any form of copy paste activity of even the slightest order.

For those who feel that content writing is a mere act of copy-paste, let me tell you one thing, there’s a difference in doing research on any particular subject and, copying and pasting them as it is. Suppose, you are writing an informative content that is rich with facts and figures, then, it is but obvious that you would have referred to some websites in that process. The statistics and figures didn’t just fall from the heaven. In such situations, you have 2 options that you could resort to –

  • You mention the sources from where you’ve acquired such articles
  • Better leave the statistics than getting stamped for the copyright issues.  And, If you aren’t aware of the copyright laws, then probably you must have a look at the severe punishments you and your organizations might have to face in such events.

While writing an informative content, you could refer to as many articles concerned that could help you give an insight of what your article should be focused about, what all things you should include, how to make more engrossing contents etc., but be original in your approach. No one’s asking you to follow the same structure of the articles as well.

Think out of the box. That’s why you’ve been hired for!

Develop a mastery of different genres and style of writing

Mastery of different genres - Want to make a career in content writing - 5 skills you must learn to be successful in content writing

Being a creative writer, you can’t put up same way of writing each time while formulating an article. The reason being x that when you opt for different genres of writing, your mind becomes open to a varied set of ideas, you become more creative your than ever and eventually find it easier to research on different contents with a greater ease.

There are different genres that you could try your hands on.  Be it health and wellness, technology, sports or educational content, you should be open to each and every option and develop the knack of delivering crispy and information-rich content to your audience concerned.

In fact, there are a lot who find solace in writing a particular genre, as they feel they’ve acquired a mastery over that subject. For them it becomes a piece of cake to deliver content they find easy to write about. Thus, there’s no hard and fast rule that you must write on every set of genres available, still, there’s no harm in trying as well.

Either be a jack of all genres or be a master at one.

Be a social media buff

Be a social media buff - Want to make a career in content writing - 5 skills you must learn to be successful in content writing

Social media websites play a vital role in helping the writers know about the trending activities across the world. One could find everything related to anything through the social media websites. Also, the social media can play a major role in distributing your content to the right of audience. There are millions and billions of people out there with a varied level of interests and who like to read on contents ranging from cinema, healthcare, sports, politics, lifestyle, and technology. And there are hundreds and thousands of groups and forums available on these websites which could help you to market your content in the best possible way.

For instance, there are hundreds of topics on a content-based website like Quora. And you happen to write about educational stuff. So, what you can do in such situation is that search on the key topics that your article is focused on. Once you get a hold of them, deliver few crunchy, crispy and attention-grabbing one-liner centered around those articles which could result in some conversions on your articles.

Not just with the case of Quora, let us take the case of Facebook. There could be many groups created with the intent of sharing educational content. And, for you to make sure that all the like-minded people get a taste of such tasty content, then you must your articles in groups or communities centered only on the educational stuff. It won’t do any good if you put up those articles in groups that focus on sports or technology or health and wellness.

Thus, the more you write about the related topics on these websites, the more audience you reach out to. But make sure the quality of the content isn’t compromised. You might manage to get people on board to your article, but, the instant they find irrelevant content or any improper style of presenting the content, then it could be a major disappointment for them. Always remember

Content is the King

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