Best career options after Arts in 12th | Career options for arts students


Perhaps the question that’s haunts us most,  or has haunted us in the past,  is to make a choice of the stream after 10th board exams.  Definitely one of the most important decision we make in our lives,  and also one of the most significant ones. However not many know how to make the right choice,  and there are many reasons for the same.  There is a strong stereotype,  that the brighter students would take up science,  the average students would opt for commerce and arts is reserved for the weaker students. But this ranking may not work for one in future. A fish asked to climb a tree would definitely fail,  similarly put a student in the wrong field, a student would never be able to excel. Also, the parents and students are not that much aware of career options after Arts.

Arts is generally looked down upon,  not considered as an elite course.  The taboo is that only students who want an easy life take up this field.  This field is only recommended for those who score below 70% marks in their boards. Now, this is something very astonishing. History and Geography have been the toughest subjects for most of us,  in this scenario, the ones who can study these with interest and precision are truly gifted.

Career options after Arts in 12th

1. Civil Services

Many of us wish to pursue civil services, and it is considered one of the most difficult exams. For this exam,  the best stream for you is Arts.  Arts gives an overview of History, Economics, Geography, Political science and environmental ecology. These are a few subjects in the UPSC mains,  alongside there’s general science and maths. The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exams are the entrance exams for group A and group B central services. There are about 24 different sectors of public services included such as IAS, IFS, IRS, IPS etc. In order to be eligible, one must hold a degree from a Central,  State, Deemed or Open University,  or a qualification regarded as equivalent to the same. Also, the candidate must be at least 21 years old. These exams are conducted in three stages. It requires good personality,  authoritative and leadership qualities and a knack for serving the country.

Civil Services – A promising Career

2. Journalism

Journalism is a rapidly growing field, it is very respectful and also has a fair pay scale. Journalism gives you exposure to almost every other field,  like the virtual world,  literature etc.  Good writing and fluent speaking skills are required in journalism. This course requires courage and bold attitude. Also, a good demeanor and body language are a must.  These are not common talents, students with these skills can excel fabulously in this field.

3. Graphics Designing

Graphic designing is the art of problem solving and communication through illustrations,  typography, and photography. Graphic designers create and combine texts,  symbols, and images to portray and give a physical form to an idea,  opinion or a message. Graphic designing aids every other field. Visuals create the greatest impact on the human mind, and a graphic designer is required to create this visual.  In the corporate world,  graphic designing is required for the effective promotion of a product,  branding, and signage.  Graphic designing is required for the publishing of scientific journals, communication of medical knowledge in a simple manner. In the entertainment industry,  graphic design plays the most important role.  A graphic designer requires strong communication skills,  innovative thinking ability,  content writing capabilities, illustrative and narrative talents etc. Possession of these abilities are definitely a green signal to take up this course.

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4. Animator

An Animator is an artist who creates a sequence of multiple images when played in a rapid flow, which creates the illusion of movement. Animators are required in fields such as filmmaking, television industry, and video games. This industry requires a lot of manpower, thus one can never run out of work. Moreover, there is relatively greater freedom, as the animator is allowed to experiment with his style and artistic abilities. One can specialize as a character animator or a special effects animator. Earlier handwritten,  this field now makes the use of modern technology for perfection. Good drawing and sketching skills, innovative ideas and meticulous working abilities are required.

Career option as Animation

5. Screenwriting

Screenwriting or script writing is the pursuit of writing and developing a storyline, dialogue sequence,  and scripts for mass media such as television shows, web series,  films or video games. Screenwriters are responsible for developing the story, the narrative and imbibing emotional content in the relevant context.  Thus, a screenwriter plays the most important role in delivering the idea or opinion of the creator to the audience. The success of the show depends on the screenwriter. The qualities required include a strong grip on the language,  excellent storytelling skills,  proficiency in writing and apt dialogue development.

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6. Arts Administrator

An Arts administrator is an individual who plans and organizes arts activities and ensures that they are successful. An arts administrator is required for organizations such as theatres, museums, opera houses, ballet companies, art galleries,  music companies,  auction houses etc. All of the above organizations have frequent events and thus the requirement of an arts administrator is inevitable.  The duties of an arts administrator may include planning,  Recruiting, fundraising,  program development and evaluation etc. Arts administration programs offer a range of credentials, including certificates, bachelor’s degree,  Master’s degree and diploma. A flair for event management, good communication,  and brilliant management skills will take you to different heights in this course.

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Above explained are only a few options, there are many others like an illustrator, writer, teacher, psychologist, printmaker and so on. Every course is tough, and each one of it has its own special importance and relevance. Arts is definitely a stream to consider, it has everything required for a great career. I have come across many people who don’t consider the options available in this stream and regret later on. I hope this article can illuminate your minds and help you make the right choice