Valentine’s Day – Origin of Valentine’s Day | A Tribute to Valentine


Valentine’s day is a day of love and romance. A day of chocolate for some and wine for others, and a feast for card and gift shops! I’ve honestly never been a fan of Valentines Day and that’s maybe because I just don’t understand the hype behind it. Its just one of those days where couples shower their “bae’s” with an immense amount of love, out in the open, and this PDA (Public Display of Affection) can be very uncomfortable for a passerby, especially if he/she is single. That makes it even worse.

And just when you think that its okay, its just one day, a whole week of mushiness pops up! We now officially have a rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day and kiss day and THEN comes the much awaited Valentine’s day. But wait a minute. If you do so much throughout the “love week”, what’s left to do on Valentine’s day?

The origin of Valentine’s Day vs. Our commercialized version

Historically, Valentine’s day came into being in 3rd Century Rome, when a priest by the name of Valentine was secretly getting couples married when a severe law was passed by Emperor Claudius II to prevent the same. As once married, soldiers did not want to leave their wives and loved ones behind, to fight wars. Unfortunately, Valentine was caught and his punishment was death. But until then, he was put in jail and many people came to visit him and threw flowers on him. A young girl would visit him every day, trying to lift his spirits and assure him that he did the right thing and so on the day of his death, he left her a note which read “love from your Valentine..”

Valentine's Day - Origin of Valentine's Day

I personally feel that today’s valentine’s day is just an excuse to pamper your loved one/s out in the open. It is just an excuse to be showy. But what’s the need? Why do couples feel so much more in love on this one day? I mean, if you really love someone, and mind you, not just your girlfriend or your boyfriend, shouldn’t you express this same amount of affection or even more, towards him or her every day? Isn’t that the whole point of being in love? Then why choose this one day to shower your loved one with hugs and kisses?

What Valentine himself did was selfless so if we really want to celebrate this day, shouldn’t we at least TRY to emulate him? Instead, we find couples splurge and pamper each other like there’s no tomorrow.

Either way, if you really want to celebrate valentines day, go ahead. Really. Enjoy yourself. But don’t do it in such a way that you get broke for the next six months. Or that some onlooker sees you and starts laughing. Basically, don’t be ridiculous. Be real.

Make valentines day a day she will remember but not the only day she remembers. Make it a day where you can make your parents laugh, or your grandparents smile or a beggar believe in compassion. That’s what Valentine did. He brought smiles onto the faces of those who had lost hope.

People around the world are in need of love and support. Help them. No, you don’t need to fly across the ocean to do so (Unless you can afford it) neither do you need to risk your life the way Valentine did. Instead, help a beggar you see begging every day of his life, help a child who can’t afford an education, feed a starving dog. Do something, anything.

Make it a day you make a difference to the lives of someone you don’t know that well. Or somebody that you used to know. Forgive and forget. This valentines day, make it more about loving who you are, loving those who love you unconditionally and loving the world rather than just one individual you aren’t that sure about.

This Valentine’s day, make a difference.

This valentines day, be the change.

This Valentine’s day, be the rainbow in somebody’s cloudy day.

Let this Valentine’s Day be a tribute to its creator.