Types of friends you will come across in life – Real or fake friends?


Our Second Family

Friends are those actors in our lifelike drama who play many roles. A friend is like a brother/sister when you have to share a secret or ask for help, a friend is like a mother who will scold you and simultaneously take care of you when you are sick, a friend is like a father who will look after the fact that you don’t go astray and a friend will simply be a friend when you’ll want to bunk classes, have fun or simply just chill. But these are, of course, the qualities of a true friend. In this shrewd world, where everyone just wants to work things to their own advantages, it is hard to find a true friend- a friend who will have your back in fights but won’t let you get in unnecessary fights, a friend who will let you have fun but not too much fun, a friend who will be with you in times of need.

There are many different types of friends you will make in college but it is especially tough to find real friends in college because everyone is from various parts of the country, from various backgrounds with various beliefs. So how to distinguish between true friends and fake friends?

Types of friends

The Blabbermouth

The blabbermouth - Types of friends you will come across in life - Real or fake friends

You always have to watch out for these people. These are the people who are the ‘carrier pigeons’ of college. If you let your heart out in front of them, you might as well have published it in the college magazine. The worst thing about them is that they might not want to do it intentionally but they are so desperate in their need to be in everyone’s good books that they can’t help it. They are also the friendliest of the lot and you won’t know about them until you have gone through the bad experience yourself. So by the time you realize your friend is a blabbermouth, most of your secrets are already out.

My advice? Give your friend 2-3 months before telling them any of your secrets? Also, if you come to know that someone knows what you told only your friend, that is your cue to stop talking.

The Narcissists

The Narcissists - Types of friends you will come across in life - Real or fake friends

Of course, as the name suggests, they seem to think everything is about them. If they will see two people talking, they will assume it’s about them. They think they are the best and everyone is below them. They are the worst sort of friends as friendship is among equals and of course, no one can be equal to them!

My advice? Just keep away from them. They are not good for self-confidence.

The Sweet-talkers

The sweet - talkers - Types of friends you will come across in life - Real or fake friends

Their first impression is of the world’s best friends. They will talk so politely and nicely that you’ll fall for their act too easily. But that’s just it. They are all talk. They will be the first ones to leave your side in dark times. They go with the flow. They’ll be with everyone in their happy times and with no one in their bad times.

My advice? Never get lured into their sweet talks. Judge people on the basis of how much they have actually helped you, not on how much they have ‘said’ they’ll help you.

The Secret Agents

The secret agents - Types of friends you will come across in life - Real or fake friends

We all have that one friend whose life is such a big mystery that a novel could be written on them. They will demand to know everything about you, will feel insulted and betrayed if you don’t tell them but they will clam up the instant they become the topic of discussion. They will text secretly and talk to people secretly, never admit to having friends and will always show themselves as the lone wolf.

My advice? Tit for tat. Do not tell them anything they won’t tell you about themselves.

The Chirpy birds

The chirpy birds - Types of friends you will come across in life - Real or fake friends

These are the cutest. They are little birds who will annoy you with their constant chatter but you will miss them when they aren’t there. They might seem brash at times but they will always say what’s in their heart. They will not hide their hurt or joy and are the easiest to be friends with but the hardest to come across.

A Final Word

Now don’t let me get you down with all these classifications because for every left sock, there is a right sock. Everyone finds their pair. You just have to be careful to not find the wrong one.