Types of Dance Forms- Various Western dance forms common amongst students


Dance is not just an activity, it’s a way of expressing emotions and feelings. It is one of the best activities which keeps you fit and remove the stress out of your life. Even doctors recommend dancing as our body releases certain chemicals while doing physical activities like dancing which heals many health issues. Certainly, it’s difficult for school attendees to practice dance along with studies as the burden of getting the desired stream, good marks and dream college stops them from doing so. But, once you are in college you are free from such pressures. But, one question still remains, which dance form to learn? Well, the answer is in the article. In colleges, mostly western dance forms are performed. Various types of dance forms which students love are mentioned below.

Types of Dance Forms students love


Hip-hop is one of the most basic western dance forms. If you are a beginner in dancing, then it is recommended that you learn the basics i.e hip-hop first. After that, you can go for different forms or practice and learn advanced hip-hop moves like Michael Jackson style etc.


It is actually difficult to differentiate urban and hip-hop. Urban can be so called as next level hip-hop with certain principles of body grooving. It is becoming one of the most popular western dance forms at the college level. According to most of the dancers, urban is comparatively easy to learn as it requires fewer efforts than break dance, contemporary etc.

B-Boying or break dance.

B-boying or break dance is one of the most powerful western dance forms which requires a lot of energy and strength. It comprises of power moves like headstand, windmills and even flips. It requires very strong dedication, controlled body weight, heavy strength and a fear-free mind. If you are a beginner in this dance form, make sure of safety by using mats and under trained professionals as, without them, effects could be catastrophic.


House is the form which comprises of footwork and elbow/wrist spinning. Once you learn this dance form, you can add very impressive combos to your freestyle.


Contemporary is a bit different dance form from the rest mentioned above. It focuses on the rhythmic flow of music and requires extensive flexibility in your body as the steps in contemporary requires body twisting and even some ballet dancing concepts too. It is one of the very soft dance forms which requires very less amount of energy. But, your body must be flexible enough.


Jazz is a combination of many dance forms. It is believed that jazz has originated from african American vernacular dance. Jazz dance requires enormous stamina, elegance, and technique. Jazz dance, being a combination of dance forms makes it difficult to learn but, if you practice regularly following the right techniques, you will become an excellent dancer very soon.


Popping is one of the most funk styles originated from California. It is based on the technique of contracting and relaxing muscles causing a jerk in our body muscles which is so-called a pop or a hit. The popping technique is done with the rhythm of a song with movements and some poses too.


There are many other western dance forms like salsa, ballet etc but these are given less priority by college dance teams. Whichever dance form you choose, make sure that you do a warm up before dancing. Avoiding warm-ups might injure you. Also, when you will be learning new forms, you might face issues as you are a beginner now but have faith and patience. Practising regularly will definitely make you an outstanding dancer very soon.

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