Traveling Tips for a Solo traveler | Things to keep in mind while traveling alone


Traveling alone offers immense rewards. When you set off solo, you’ll have adventures and make memories that will stick with you. The one that’s supposed to change your perception of life and make you fall in love with the world like never before. All of that actually depends on how ardent you’re going to be about solo travel. Here are few traveling tips for a solo traveler.

Traveling tips for a solo traveler

1. Plan Your Arrival

It is advisable to book your accommodation and transport in advance if you’re arriving late into the night and for at least the first few days. Getting your accommodation to pick you up is a better option. It will be worth it after your long flight or train journey since you’ll be too exhausted to stand in queue for a bus ride or hail a taxi.

2. Explore As Much As You Can

Explore as much as you can - Traveling Tips for a solo traveler - Things to keep in mind while traveling alone

Don’t stay confined in your hostel, hotel or guest house. You’re traveling solo and the world is your oyster. Get a map( makes the journey more authentic) and explore the place; walk, hike, wander, take buses and trains, get a little lost, enjoy it to the fullest.

Wander around- landscapes, buildings, pictures, markets, sculptures, gardens, waterfalls, mountains, temples, people, sunsets, and food. Notice the details, designs, art, craftsmanship, and colors with your eyes. This is your own adventure and is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, don’t forget how you felt in this exact moment. Keep a travel journal recording exactly what you did that day, who you spoke to and what you saw. These mementos are sure to get you through grey days once you’re back home.

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3. Say Yes

Say yes to everything, should be reasonable of course, you would not have done back at home. Whether it is to join someone for lunch, attend a local wedding, go on a hike, face your fear of heights, try that coffee or the strange looking local food or paddle out to a river on a raft with someone you just met at your hostel, go out on an adventure. Saying “Yes” instead of “I’m not sure” or “Maybe another time”, will either be a good time or a good story, but either way it’s one of the secrets of how to travel alone.

4. But learn to say no too

Sometimes the attention you get traveling solo can be a little acute. Learn to say “no, thank you” and “absolutely not” in local language along with the non-verbal gesture of saying no.

Don’t give out personal information too easily, don’t tell new friends the hotel you’re staying in and when talking to strangers be sure to speak as we, it may be silly but lying and saying you have got a friend with you can stop you seeming as vulnerable. Leave a do not disturb sign on your door even when out of the hotel and don’t be afraid to call on security at any time. Also, have the local emergency numbers.

5. Get an early start

Get an early start - Traveling Tips for a solo traveler - Things to keep in mind while traveling alone

Wake up early, enjoy a leisurely breakfast (complimentary breakfast has a lot to offer) and head out for parks, museums and other daytime-only activities. There are plenty of opportunities for a safe sightseeing and not getting lost in the crowd.

7. Keep Important Documents Handy

Have a copy of the important documents such as your identity card, passports, visas with you all the time because you never know when you might need it. Do your friends and family a favor and send them a copy of your itinerary that includes your flight times, hotel reservations, and maybe even a rough idea of your sightseeing schedule. Also be in touch. It doesn’t have to be for full 24 hours but at least once a day make sure they know where you are.

Solo trips are explained by many as a religious experience, enjoying the surrounding environments, focusing on where and what interests them, and to simply be alone with their thoughts. Go on that dream holiday without worrying about pleasing anyone but yourself, we can help you make it a once in a lifetime experience.