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A program that you use is basically a set of instructions written by a coder or a programmer. The computers cannot understand the natural human languages so the languages that are used for the purpose are known programming Languages. So here are some programming languages students must learn. There are an ample of programming languages available, however which one to choose and which one will be important on the later stages of life is a cumbersome task.

So, to save you from it we are presenting a list of top 8 programming languages students must learn.

Top Programming languages students must learn

1. SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is one of the most popular back-end languages nowadays. Primarily it is used to design the Databases. It is extremely common, with many variations like My SQL, Microsoft SQL (SQL Server). The latest version of Microsoft SQL Server included many new features to make the language more open-source like integration with R, the popular data analysis programming language, and a Linux version.

2. Java

Java is a simple, readable programming language that is used by millions of developers and billions of devices worldwide. Almost all local Android apps are built in Java and 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java as a server-side language for backend development.

3. Python

Python is the third most popular backend language as per the job postings. Besides, it is also a general purpose programming language that emphasizes code readability and increasing developer productivity, used for desktop apps, web apps and data mining.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a mainly client-side, dynamic scripting language used for front-end development. JavaScript is compatible across all browsers, used in over 90% of all web pages and is the most popular language on Stack Overflow.

5. C++

C++ that is built on C, is the grandfather of all programming languages, C++ is a powerful, high-performance language used to build system software, games engines and desktop and web apps. Many beginners find C++ harder to learn than dynamically typed languages like Python or JavaScript.

6. C#

The C Sharp language was developed for Microsoft’s .NET software framework and can now be used on non-Windows machines since the release of the new .NET Core open-source development platform. Its main use is building Microsoft enterprise software. Most of the features in C# 7.0 were released last year, including language support for Tuples, local functions, pattern matching and many more.

7. Perl

Perl, can be referred as “the duct tape that holds the Internet together”. It is actually two languages now; Perl 5 and Perl 6, both of them are general-purpose dynamic programming languages that see a lot of use in CGI, graphics, network, and finance programming. Some think the growth of DevOps triggered this popularity surge because Perl is versatile and works well with other languages, making it a good DevOps tool.

8. PHP

PHP is a server-side programming language used on more than 80% of websites today including Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr and WordPress. The sheer number of websites are still built with PHP ensure that it’s still a useful skill for developers, especially when paired with Javascript and SQL.

Now, since you have a list of the top programming languages of 2018 you must learn the ones that really amuse you. To aid you in the learning process, here are some sites which provide online training