Top 5 Off-Beat Career Options For A Student | Unusual and Interesting Career Options


Gone are the days where almost every child dreamt of being either a doctor or an engineer. Realising the importance of Job satisfaction has motivated many to ditch their 9 to 5 jobs and pursue work that involves something that they are passionate about. In this fast-moving and ever-changing lifestyle that we are evolving to, has created many career options. We aim to throw some more light into these innovative and off-beat career options that one can pursue.

1. Chef

Sanjeev Kapoor - Chef as Offbeat and unusual Career Option in India

Nowadays, cooking is more than just a hobby limited to the traditional kitchen. Globalisation has enabled people to venture into cuisines and dessert from all over the world.

With the increased number of cafes and foodies, the platform for culinary-skilled people at a rise. The remuneration for a chef is significant through the journey from cook to an assistant chef to the executive chef isn’t smooth. Employment avenues for a chef besides hotel and restaurants are varied and interesting such as in Food processing companies, catering business, food writing, etc to name a few.

Skills required

Passion for culinary arts is the utmost necessity. Apart from that, teamwork, creativity, multi-tasking, pressure handling and a well-tuned palate.

Knowledge required

Cooking relies on attention to the detail. Thus, it is important to know about different techniques, recipes, knife skills, kitchen management, temperature control, food science and baking techniques.

Institutes offering the course

There are 21 Institute of Hotel Management(IIHMs) in India. Culinary Academy of India-Hyderabad, Delhi Institute of Hotel Management and catering technology- Delhi, Oberoi Group’s Systematic Training and Education programme-Delhi.

2. Fitness Trainer

Satyajit Chaurasia - Amir Khan's trainer in Ghajini, Offbeat Career option
(Satyajit Chaurasia, Aamir Khan’s Trainer in Ghajini)

The awareness regarding the importance of health is increasing and people have started becoming more health-conscious. The recently viral #FitnessChallenge on Instagram proves it. The number of people hitting the gym nowadays, calls for a fitness trainer who can be able to understand every individual’s need for physical training.

This profession covers everything from aerobics, yoga, Zumba to stretching under its umbrella. Besides the gym and exercising routine, the demand for fitness trainers is in the sports industry and the entertainment industry as well.

Skills required

Understanding of exercise regimes, flexibility, good motivational power, energy and commitment, effectiveness with a diverse clientele.

Knowledge required

Exercise physiology, knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, training techniques, principles of nutrition, current fitness trends.

Institutes offering the certification course

Gold Gym’s Fitness Institute(GFFI)- Delhi is the most well-known. Others include Integrated Fitness and Sports Institute(IFSI) and BFY sports and fitness academy both of which have their branches in many cities.

3. Celebrity Manager

Celebrity Manager - Offbeat and Unusual Career Option

Public relations is of utmost importance for any celebrity. In their glam yet busy lives, there’s little time they can dedicate to thousands of notifications on their social media handle or attend hundreds of invitation calls they receive each day. Thus it is safe to say that behind every successful celebrity, there is a team of people working for the celeb’s spotlight. The daily work involves managing day-to-day contracts, endorsements, meetings, shoot schedule, organising their events, screening phone calls and messages and traveling with the star or for the star. The return for work is quite high but the workload isn’t less either.

Skills required

Great communication skills, active listening skills, decision-making abilities, time management, social media publicity, strategical analysis.

Knowledge required

On completion of higher secondary education, one can choose a course in Mass communication, media planning, public relations or Marketing.

Institutes offering the certification course

Impact Institute of event management (IIEM) – Delhi, B-town Institute of Celebrity Management- Delhi.

However, industry insiders strongly recommend interning at a celebrity management firm to view the profession in its truest light.

4. Radio jockey

RJ Naved - Radio Jokey Offbeat Career Option

Media has always been a powerful tool to drive people’s attention to things that actually matter. Besides, all of us can relate to wonders a good radio jockey can do when we are stuck up in traffic after a tiring day. Radio jockeying involves sound programming, scripting, interviewing celebrities and choreographing the entire radio shows. They also lend their voice to commercials, documentaries, voiceovers, etc. Most importantly, radio jockeying is a platform where you use your creativity to put up ideas that can influence many people, all at once.

Skills required

Charming personality, strong communication skills, excellent knowledge of music, a general awareness of current affairs, flexibility and loads of enthusiasm.

Knowledge required

Basic knowledge of radio station operations and management, radio programming. Courses in announcing, broadcasting and dubbing is an added cognizance.

Institutes offering the certification course

Many mass media institutes offer the course, however, the most recognized institutes are: Xavier Institute of Communication- Mumbai, Academy of Radio Management-Delhi, Indian Institute of Mass Communication-Delhi.

5. Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner - Offbeat and unusual career option

When was the last time you were seen scrolling through wedding pictures of your favourite celebrity on Instagram? Well, weddings are all time favourite celebrations of the crowd. Big fat weddings are the new trend and people love to invest in it. But along with that comes a great deal of bookings, research, planning, invitations and confirmations to manage. Thus, many people hire professionals to help them manage and execute the happiest day of their lives. A planner has to handle everything right from decoration and venue to caterers and makeup artists and that too in such a way that exhibits expertise and fits in the budget.

Skills required

Loads of creativity, co-ordination skills, sound interpersonal skills, sales, negotiation skills, finance management and ample of hospitality.

Knowledge required

Creativity and managing skills are far more important than any of skills though it is better if one has the basic awareness of rituals and proceedings of various cultures.

Institutes offering the certification course

EMDI in Mumbai is the institute to offer wedding management courses. Apart from that, there are several courses available online such as certified wedding specialist and certified wedding planner.

However, there are endless opportunities knocking your door if you dare to venture into lesser known territories and muster up enough courage and dedication to pursue your passion.