Top must watch Korean series | Best Korean Dramas you must watch


The world of entertainment has evolved over ages. There have been a lot of shows coming up every this and that time. Among this world full of drama and suspense, Korean shows are very popular among the entire world.  Irrespective of the barrier in language, people are very much fond of the Korean Dramas which makes it one of the most popular dramas in the world.

There are piles of Korean dramas and people gets confused where to start from. They are of various genres like fantasy, romance, suspense, thriller, action, comedy and much more. Korean Dramas are full of life, happiness and sweet moments. They give enough refreshment and relaxation. Here’s a list of most popular  Korean dramas you may like.

Popular Korean Dramas you must watch

1. Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun - Top Korean Series you must watch

It was first aired in 2016 in KBS channel of Korea. One of the most successful and popular Korean drama DOTS is a love story between Kang Mo Yeon(Song Hye Ko) who is a doctor and Captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki), a soldier.

The drama is a package of military action, romance, thriller and fantasy. It depicts how the female and male protagonist finally overcome loads of crisis together giving us a wonderful and heart-filled satisfaction. Apart from the love story of the two major leads, there is also a love story between the supporting actors.

The drama has got a list of very amazing OST’s.T he protagonists are called as ‘Song-Song couple’ as they got married in their real life after the broadcasting of the drama. Since the drama was very popular therefore on viewer’s request it got telecasted in India too on Zindagi channel dubbed in Hindi.

2. My Love from Another Star

My love from Another Star - Top Korean Dramas you must watch

It was broadcasted in SBS channel in 2016 in Korea. It is a very popular drama and has an amazing plot. The drama depicts a romantic love story between Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) a popular actress and Do Min Joon (Kim soo Hyun) an alien. The drama presents a beautiful relationship between a human and an alien. The story revolves around the fact how the male lead tries to save the female lead through his supernatural powers and how did they eventually fall in love.

This drama has gained a wide range of popularity and love from all its viewers. In short, it is a simple yet unique  story full of comedy and love.

3. City hunter

City Hunter - Top Korean Dramas you must watch

A drama full of action, thriller and romance it was aired in 2011 in SBS. The main protagonist of the story is Lee Yoon Sung( Lee Min-ho) and Kim Na Na( Park Min-young). The story revolves around how the male lead finds the murderers of his father and the military group who was killed by the Korean army. There is also a romance track in the drama where the male lead is bounded not to love but end up falling for the female lead. The drama is well-known for its super quality actions and the plot is also good.

4.Boys over flowers

Boys over flowers - Top Korean Dramas you must watch

One of the very famous, popular and heart-throbbing drama of all the time, it was first telecasted in 2009 on KBS. It has earned high viewership rating in South Korea and popularity throughout Asia. It depicts how Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-Sun) an average girl gets engaged in the lives of arrogant boys Gu Jun-Pyo(Lee Min ho), Yoon Ji-hoo (Kim Hyun-Joong), So Yi-Jung( Kim Bum), Song Woo-bin( Kim Joon ) commonly known as the great F4 and ends up in a romantic relationship.

The series portraits friendship, love, emotions, fights and many more. It was even broadcasted in India due to enormous popularity.

Apart from all these Dramas, there are many more which are very popular and interesting like Doctors, Pinocchio, Goblin, Healer, Shopping King Louis, Legend of the Blue Sea, Personal taste and many more.