Top Fitness Apps that will help you stay Healthy | Must-have fitness Apps


Fitness is indeed one of the most important aspects of life. In this fast-paced lifestyle, many students in their busy schedules forget about their health. Fortunately, digital technology has come to our rescue. Be it tracking the miles you run to showing your calorie intake for the food you consume or teaching you proper exercises and yoga asanas so that you do it the right way, a plethora of apps are available in the health and fitness sector. In the light of the fit India movement and our prime minister spreading the awareness for yoga, we bring you top fitness apps that will help you contribute to your health each day.

Download these fitness apps to stay healthy

1. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a yoga and fitness app that provides distinct types of exercises for different goals such as losing weight, fitness, increasing flexibility, etc. You can choose the time you would like to dedicate to yoga and it shows asanas best suited to you. It also provides you with the workout history, thus helping you to check your consistency.

Download Asana Rebel app for Android

2. MyFitnessPal

This app provides you with very efficient food and activity tracking. With interest elements like barcode recognition and a database of different food items, it helps its user to optimize their calorie intake. One of the key features is its community-based forum where other users share tips and advice regarding recipes, workout, results and personal experiences.

Download Myfitnesspal app for Android

3.  30 Day Fitness Challenge

A very basic and straightforward app, the 30 Day Fitness Challenge provides you with many options of workouts on every level from easy to medium to intense to choose from. It also provides you with a calendar-based tracker reflecting your regularity. With easy workouts of about 7 minutes, this is a great app for beginners.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

4. HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe is calorie tracking, water tracking, and a fitness coaching app. It also partners with many hospitals with an aim to prevent obesity, diabetes and other diseases. Specially designed for Indian cuisines, it also monitors water intake and sugar level.  It has world’s first AI coach to answer all your fitness and nutrition-related questions.

Dpwnload Healthifyme Android App

5.  Jefit Workout app

Jefit is an ideal app for all the people who prefer working out in the gym. Jefit is basically a workout tracker, weightlifting and gym log app with a special focus on bodybuilding. It even has an exercise directory that guides you regarding various lifts with instructions and images.

Download Jefit Workout app for Android

6. Runkeeper

Runkeeper would work great for you if you are the one who loves walking, cycling or running outside. The app tracks your distance, speed, calories burnt and time of your workout using Global positioning system(GPS). It shows your milestones, hence constantly measuring your progress to meet your goals. The app allows you to share your achievements on your facebook and twitter.

Download Runkeeper Android app

With your motivation guide in your pocket, you are surely gonna run out of reasons to not exercise.  So, what are you waiting for? Go for a walk, gym, run, exercise and contribute your bit in building a healthier nation.