Top 8 popular Science and Education YouTube channels


YouTube is the top site where you can watch all the videos easily for free! So if you are an ardent lover of all those free videos available on the site then we have some good news for you. Here we are presenting a list of top 8 YouTube channels that provide you with an opportunity to watch some really cool science stuff. If you are a science lover then you must subscribe to these channels as soon as possible as the content that is uploaded is really awesome and believe me you will love all the videos as soon as you will watch them. So, here are some science and education youtube channels.

Top 8 popular Science and Education YouTube channels

  1. Vsauce

Hosted by Michael Stevens, Vsauce is a popular YouTube channel that explains some of the most interesting questions about life and things happening around us and that too in such an interesting way that you can become an addict easily. The videos posted on the channel never lack in thought-provoking details and even the complex topics are broken down so well, that anyone could understand them easily.


  1. Vlog Brothers

Two brothers Hank and John Green host the channel Vlog Brothers. Basically, they undergo vlogging on various topics and take questions from their viewers. So if you want your questions to be answered by two most accomplished and recognized You Tubers of all time then you must watch Vlog Brothers.


  1. Minute Physics

Minute Physics in a channel that uploads 2-3 minute long videos in which they creatively describe the complex scientific and physics topics with the help of hand drawn doodles with proper narration as well. So if you want a clear visual of all those complex problems of physics you must watch their videos regularly.

Minute Physics

  1. Smarter Everyday

Smarter everyday YouTube channel uploads videos in which they cover a wide variety of things from vlogging to explaining science topics and showcasing real experiments. Hosted by Destin Sandlin, the channel will always amuse you whenever you are looking for some cool stuff!

Smarter Everyday

  1. Numberphile

If you hate Mathematics just because you cannot grasp all those concepts then Numberphile is there to turn the tables around in your favour. A YouTube show that focuses on real-life situations and explains them in a numerical sense is a treat to watch if you want to love one of the most horrifying subjects of the human history – MATHEMATICS!!


  1. Veritasium

 If you are looking for stuff that is identical to the one shown on the Discovery Channel then you can go for Veritasium. The basic concept of the show focuses on delivering content on science and engineering topics, using demos, experiments, discussions and interviews of experts in various domains as well.


  1. Asap Science

Asap Science uploads videos in which they explain many concepts such as What ifs? In the form of some doodle and creative visualization. Their key factor is that their explanation is so simple that everyone is able to grasp it in one go!

ASAP Science

  1. Sci Show

 The Sci Show is hosted by Hank Green of Green brothers and focuses on educating its viewers about various subjects such as science, history and covers a wide range of other concepts as well. Well edited with a bunch of really cool editing effects the show is a must watch for all those with an extra nerve of curiosity in mind.

Sci Show

Science is a subject that surely invites a lot of questions however many times you are not able to get the most satisfying answers to them. Although now with the access to the top 8 YouTube channels you can easily get them answered anytime you want and that too by just watching some YouTube videos.

          So, in the words of Sir Albert Einstein:

Never lose a holy curiosity