Top 8 places to visit in Kerala | Best tourist places to visit in Kerala


Kerala is one of the beautiful and tourist destinations in India. Kerala is also known as God’s own country. It is a land of coconut trees. It is one of the best tourist destinations. By visiting there one could experience the cultural diversity in every aspect like food, language lifestyle etc.

Top 8 Places to visit in Kerala

1. Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram - Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram capital of Kerala also sometimes known by Trivandrum. It consists of the first international airport of the state ie Trivandrum International airport which can serve the cities of Trivandrum, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Pathanamthitta, and Kollam. While visiting in Trivandrum you will experience bright and colorful painted house. This types of colors are generally not seen in North India. Also, in Trivandrum, you will experience that natives of Kerala are very polite and helpful.

2. Padmanabha Swamy Temple

Padmanabha Swamy Temple - Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

As Kerala is known to be God’s own country. It has several temples Padmanabha Swamy temple, Sabarimala temple, Meenakshi temple etc. To experience the art forms and deity in Kerala one must visit Padmanabha Swamy Temple. It is located on the east Outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. You will be amazed by its various architectural superiority.  Temple has some rules like all men has to wear a dhoti while entering the temple.

3. Kovalam beach

Kovalam Beach - Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

Kovalam is beach situated in Thiruvananthapuram by the Arabian sea. It is situated between the metropolitan area of the city. Tourist love to visit Kovalam because of its tranquilness and also it has a lighthouse where tourist love to relax in the sun. Kovalam is a crescent-shaped beach which gives the full view of the horizon.

4. Spice plantation in Kochi

Spice Plantation - Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

Kochi i.e Cochin is the south-west city in Kerala. It is called spice garden of India. Kochi being the central city of Kerala, many tourist visits there. It is a part of Ernakulam which is a beautiful district located on the coastline of Arabian Sea. Here, in Kochi, you will see different spice gardens. Near Ernakulam town, you will find a historic place of Fort Cochin which has beautiful impressions of foreign heritage. Mostly Cochin attracts tourists for shopping purpose.

5. Culture diversity

Cultural Diversity - Top 8 places to visit in KeralaCultural Diversity Food - Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

While visiting Kerala, you will experience cultural diversity in every aspect. Natives of Kerala are very polite and helpful. They speak Malayalam and English. Sometimes, some people also know Tamil. Their food is south- Indian. You will experience that all the work which man does, woman are also doing.  As Lord Vishnu’s incarnation placed its foot on Kerala, their folk dances are the most prominent dance forms of India ie Mohiniyattam, Kathakali.

6. Thekkady

Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary - Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

Thekkady is a place for those who love visiting sanctuaries. It is totally a joyous place. Periyar wildlife sanctuary in Thekkady is the most popular wildlife sanctuary for preserving animals. It is famous for elephants and rare lion tailed-macaque. The forest is situated on the river bank, Periyar. You can see many species which are on the verge of extinction. The scenic beauty and wildlife are attracting many tourists every year.

7. Munnar Hill Station

Munnar - Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

Munnar is a place for those who are a nature lover. It is the most popular Hill station in South India. It has unique mountain slopes which are covered with green tea farms. The area has big bungalows. Mostly, Tourist visits Munnar for tranquility. Munnar weather is usually soothing and will give you incredible sensation.

8. Poovar Beach

Poovar Beach- Top 8 places to visit in Kerala

Poovar is located in Trivandrum district in Kerala. It is famous for the scenic view.  The Neyyar river passes into the Arabian Sea through Poovar. Tourist generally visits there for boating purpose and for visiting the golden sand beach which is in Poovar.

So, if you are planning to visit Kerala. Plan this in your itinerary as these places will make your trip more memorable.