Top 5 technical courses for engineering students to pursue in vacations


Engineering is as dynamic as it gets which compels all engineering students to go beyond their books and sharpen their practical knowledge as per current trends and technologies. With the rapid increase in automation and internet taking the lead in technological sector, there are a few things that have made it big to the picture recently. In addition to keeping you abreast of the trends, these certifications also add up to your CV and bring you ahead of the game. Thus, this vacations, while you binge watch and relax, here’s a set of interesting courses for engineering students which you can learn to enhance your skills. Make your summer interesting by enriching your skillset.

There are numerous online courses can be easily found on the internet based on these topics. Also, most institutes organize summer schools of which you can be a part of.

Top 5 technical courses for engineering students to pursue in vacations

 1. Robotics

Robotics - Top 5 technical courses for engineering students to pursue in vacations

The Robotics industry is emerging like never before, especially in a developing country like India. Students of all major fields from Mechanical to Electronics and communications, Instrumentation and Control to even computer engineering, can register for a basic robotic course. Though there are courses based on robotics online, it is preferred that you join some register yourself in some offline robotics workshops or courses available nearby so that you can successfully develop your own robot prototype. Learning about robotics helps you know about sensors and their functionalities, controllers, assembling, information processing and much more technical stuff that will definitely accentuate your skills as an engineer.

2. Coding and computer skills

Coding and Computer Skilss - Top 5 technical courses for engineering students to pursue in vacations

Automation is taking over almost every engineering field. Due to this, coding has almost become a necessity irrespective of your branch. Be it Arduino programming for EC, IC and electrical engineers or Auto cad design and development for mechanical students, MATLAB and Mathcad for civil engineers to Chemcad for chemical engineering students, in today’s competitive world, software skills are sure to provide you with an edge over the crowd. Besides, computer engineering students can go for python, swift, Ruby, JavaScript and other programming languages. Numerous online courses are available for all the software and you can learn them easily from home.

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3. Internet of things

Internet of Things - Top 5 technical courses for engineering students to pursue in vacations

Internet of things (IoT) basically means using sensors and networks to control physical devices and objects through the internet. The scope of IoT application is huge such as smart cities, healthcare systems, smart homes, environmental monitoring, smart parking systems, traffic monitoring systems and much more. There are several detectors, machines and monitoring systems and models that you can create using IoT. It is in huge demand and anyone who is interested in working with sensors and connecting them through a network can pursue an IoT offline workshop or an online course.

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4. Web designing

Web Designing - Top 5 technical courses for engineering students to pursue in vacations

Web designing covers creating and formatting of websites. As an engineer, it is always good to add software skills to your CV and with web designing, you will be able to make your own website or blogs. Web designing mainly consists of using languages such as HTML, PHP, and CSS. Besides, you will also get to know about concepts like search engine optimization, web hosting services, browser compatibilities and many more. Web development mainly involves development and design, testing, maintenance. Usually, when you’re working and you hire someone to build an app or a website, you will know the basics which will help you to explain it better to the developer and reap better results.

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5. 3D printing

3D Prinitng - Top 5 technical courses for engineering students to pursue in vacations

3D printing generally involves converting computer-based designs to actual 3D objects by forming layers. 3D printers are usually used in areas of automobile, architecture, aerospace, defense, healthcare, manufacturing and much more. Some of the 3D printing software include Google Sketchup Make and AutoDesk Inventor. It is a very good tool for all the budding entrepreneurs using which they can develop a viable prototype of their product. 3D printers are expensive and not easily available due to which its courses are apt for students to get hands-on experience in creating 3D prototypes and understand various methods of printing.

Therefore, there are no limits to opportunities and your ability to grab on to them. So, join a course in your vacations and learn a new skill which will benefit you for a lifetime and make your vacations productive.