Top 5 Startups transforming Digital Education in India | 5 emerging edtech startups


“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

The world has finally woken up to the sheer power and contribution of entrepreneurship in a country’s socio-economic development. Coming to India, one can visibly weigh the educational gap that persists in various sections of the society. One of the most powerful tools to bridge this gap is to make a stronger foundation for digital education. Digital education provides a platform where every student can access the internet to learn and have an equal opportunity to quality education. However, transforming digital education in India has become a major concern for some of the entrepreneurs of India.

Top 5 startups transforming Digital education in India

We take a look at top 5 tech-based educational start-ups that are changing the way India learns.

1. Byju’s- The Learning App

Byju’s- The Learning App by Byju Raveendran - Top 5 Startups transforming Digital Education in India
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The idea emerged from Byju’s Classes where the founder used to train about 30 CAT aspirants. The number kept on growing until finally he gathered a team and launched the Byju’s learning app in August 2015. The app stresses conceptual clarity, developing logical reasoning abilities and building a proper foundation for higher learning which has resulted in about 10 million downloads.

Founder: Byju Raveendran

Concept: This app has video lectures for classes 6-12, with more focus on maths and science. It also provides sample test lectures for several competitive exams.

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2. Edureka

Edureka by Lovleen Bhatia - Top 5 Startups transforming Digital Education in India
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With features like live instructor-led classes, expert educators, flexible schedules and full-time support, Edureka ensures effective skill-based virtual learning. Interesting industry cases and quizzes have played a major role in the company’s success. They offer certification courses on cloud computing, block chaining and numerous other software and programming frameworks.

Founder: Lovleen Bhatia

Concept: It is a virtual teaching space focussed on bridging the app between practical and theoretical knowledge mainly in the IT industry. They have a youtube channel and other virtual classrooms to impart sharpen the software and technological skills of the college students as well as working professionals.

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3. Qriyo

Qriyo by Rishabh Jain - Top 5 Startups transforming Digital Education in India
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Qriyo was launched with an aim to decreases one’s hassle to filter the genuine tutors from the plethora of options available on the internet by providing certified and authenticated profiles of home tutors. Personalised and quality training in these courses have paved the way to success for the Qriyo team.

Founder: Rishabh Jain

Concept: Qriyo is a website that provides home tutors for more than about 300 courses. It provides a wide range of curricular, hobbies, life skills and fitness activities to choose from with courses such as yoga, martial arts, dance, music, foreign languages, corporate skills and much more.

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4. Walnut Knowledge

Walnut Knowledge by Sachin Ravi and Raghav Chakravarthy - Top 5 Startups transforming Digital Education in India
(PC: Walnuts)

Walnut Knowledge is known for its interesting contextual media and storytelling to engage students in quizzes and education. Its flagship programme- Quizshala. It is an offline quizzing-oriented developmental workshop for schools, where they use question-answer approach to foster curiosity and a zeal for learning in students.

Founder: Sachin Ravi and Raghav Chakravarthy

Concept: Walnut Knowledge Solutions is an education company based in Bengaluru. It was founded with a vision to inculcate the quizzing culture among students and provide them clear understanding regarding career options.

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5. UpGrad
(PC: Upgrad)

UpGrad has a youtube channel and other mediums through which they offer various certification courses in the field of management and technology. It was founded with a vision to improve the standards of learning by putting up study material in various formats such as videos, case studies, pdf, question/answers, projects and by encouraging students to discuss with the expert faculties.

Founder: Mayank Kumar and funded by Ronnie Screwvala

Concept: UpGrad is an online platform offering courses for working professionals for additional skillset. The aim is to nourish the professional potential in the country through online programmes offering personalised support along with experienced faculty.

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A noble work always deserves an applause. And with these entrepreneurs venturing into this education domain is indeed helping many people change their lives.

In the sector that we are in, the real fun is not in creating a billion-dollar company but changing the way millions of students learn. Making money has never been a priority for me but giving something back to society is.
– Byju Raveendran