Top 5 startups in Bangalore to watch out for in 2018


Bangalore and its love affair with Startups is something that’s not unknown to the urban public. Known as the Garden City of India, you’d be surprised to know that there are almost 1700 startups in Bangalore at the moment. As a result, Bangalore has turned into a city of dreams for the startup buffs also accounting for its immense popularity among the masses across the nation. In the last one decade, there has been an upward surge in the number of startups in Bangalore, which has led to this city being tagged as the Startup Capital of India. Well, it’s time to break down the ice and get a glimpse of the top 5 startups in Bangalore which  have been a hit among the public, and which will continue to dominate the market as the year unfolds

5 startups in Bangalore to watch out for in 2018

Lookup (2014)

Lookup was founded in 2014, by Deepak Ravindran after receiving a funding of $3 million from Biz Stone and $ 382k from Mks instruments.  It’s a chat application that helps you get connected with over 45 million businesses across the nation. It allows you to hold appointments, reservations monitor the process and much more.The chat system helps to lay control over the $ 750 Billion commerce sector in India.

Must See India (2007)

It’s travel portal founded by Sanjay Goel, Vikas Rana, and Karan Nahat. It received a seed funding of over $ 5 million in the year 2013. It provides some top-notch packages for some exotic holiday destinations across India. The site usually witnesses around 5 million visits at the end of each month and will continue its rule over the startup industry of the nation in the upcoming months.

Zoomcar (2012)

Zoomcar was founded by Greg Moran and David Back and is a car rental service which received the fundings of $600k from Rajkumar Elango and Empire Angels, $ 1.6 million from Lloyd Thomas and Blue cloud ventures and $ 8 million from Sequoia Capitals. What’s amazing about Zoomcar,  is the provision it provides for the customers to drive the vehicles at their will. In fact, the vehicle could be rented for durations ranging from minutes, hours to even days and months.

HackerEarth (2012)

Funded by Angel Prime ( $500k) and TA ventures in 2014, HackerEarth is a product based organization founded by Vivek Prakash and Sachin Gupta that focuses on the recruitment of the potential candidates based after a series of skill-based assessments that generally include a high level of competitive programming. The result of the contests help the companies in hiring the right candidates who could meet their needs.

Instamojo (2012)

Founded by Harshad Sharma, Aditya Sengupta, Sampad Swain and Akash Gehani, it’s a startup which is based out of the web services and has grown leaps and bounds since their investments of $500k in the year 2013 from Shailesh Rao, Rajan Anandan, 500 startups, Bharatham Thodari.

Instamojo helps the small companies, businesses, authors, freelancers to collect the required payments in an efficient manner. What’s worth applauding, is their use of links to expand their network over desktop and mobile through the various social media websites and email services.

Final Thoughts

I am sure that the list of the top 4 startups in Bangalore would have left you dazzled to the core. One can never get tired while talking about the relation between startups and Bangalore. Truly, a match made in heaven!