Top 5 leadership traits – What it takes to become a leader


In today’s world, leadership has become an important virtue. Some people are born leaders but that doesn’t mean that you cannot imbibe the qualities of a true leader in you. Be it college group projects or working in a team to meet some target at your workplace, if you are good at your leadership skills, you’ll definitely be able to get the most from your subordinates and colleagues. Here are the top 5 leadership traits.

Top 5 leadership traits

1. Discipline and sheer dedication

Discipline - top 5 leadership traits

As a leader, you need to have the will to work passionately and with dedication as your teammates would always look up to you for motivation, support and guidance. A good leader always exemplifies the amount of work that needs to be put to complete the task at hand. You must always encourage everyone to not just meet the deadlines but to beat the deadlines and attempt to do so yourself as well.

 2. Good communication skills

Good communication skills - top 5 leadership traitsA leader must always know to manage the team and distribution of work alike. It might mean giving some more important work to a junior and dealing with the seniors who might criticize you. Thus, it is important to have a good hold over your soft skills as well as communication skills. If you plan to work in a corporate as a leader for some project, you will be responsible for giving the team progress report and many such important presentations. Thus, it is important that you are able to speak your mind clearly and are proficient in your public speaking and communication skills.

Tips to communicate effectively

 3. Decision making

Decision making - top 5 leadership traits

This is the one quality that defines a true leader. Any team member’s faith in their leader depends upon how he takes any crucial decision and makes the necessary choices for the team. You need to be quick, accurate, firm and rational on your decisions as a leader.

 4. Valuing his/her team

Valuing his or her team - top 5 leadership traits

However good you might be, but a leader is nothing without his teammates. You must always value your team members, respect their choices and views, consider their opinions and give equal credits to them. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that his teammates contribute the best for the project and must encourage them for the same if necessary.

Importance of team work

5. Integrity

Integrity - top 5 leadership traits

When it comes to leadership, there is no substitute for integrity. Consistent ethics, morals, and values must be added to the methods and executions in a team. A leader must remain firm on his grounds and must not let himself or the team surrender to the pressure of a third party. Besides people generally, like to work for leaders that are ethical. That is because they know that their leader will treat them right and shall give them credits for a job well done.

Apart from these 5 leadership traits, conflict resolution, confidence, motivating others, assertiveness, listening abilities, attention to detail are some other leadership traits. But most importantly, a leader doesn’t wait for the opportunity but creates them.
So, with these, you sure can be a leader as well. Afterall, as they say:

“ Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.”