Top 5 Educational Apps which will help you in your studies


Smartphone has become an important part of our life,  What you want to do is now at your fingertips. In today’s time, learning and productivity also can be done through Smartphone apps. Let’s take a look at some of the educational apps for students.

Top 5 Educational Apps

1. BYJU’s – The learning app

This is one of the best learning apps for aspirants. Sometimes, we don’t understand what we have learned in the class, this app will come in handy. BYJU’s app teaches various subjects in easier ways like visualization, rapid fire, and challenges. This app is fun to learn and easy to understand too! You will learn the difficult concepts in fun ways to develop your mind, It will help you to grow knowledge and keep you glued to this app. Even if you are learning for competitive exams, this would be very useful during exam times.

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BYJU's the learning app - Top 5 Educational Apps which will help you in your studies

2. Curiosity App

This is the app that will inspire you to read and learn, It also covers a broad range of interesting educational topics. Curiosity app makes you smarter in two ways – Read articles and Watch videos. In this app, you will find short-form and easy to read articles which you can read anytime. If you are curious to know something then install this app right now. Eliminate the boredom and start learning!

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Curiosity app - Top 5 Educational Apps which will help you in your studies


3. Notebloc App

This is the app every college student dream of! You can read your notes without straining the eyes. We all have been in this annoying situation when we click pictures of notes in the smartphone we get to know Its not a clear picture then we ask about what is written there. If you ever faced this situation of getting notes, Notebloc is the best app for you. You can save not only college notes but also your sketches and drawings or art. This app is good for clicking notes compared to other scanning apps. Notebloc helps you to get clear and readable notes.

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4. Duolingo App

Students don’t get enough time to learn a language. If you are willing to learn a language, Just ‘Duolingo’! Install this app on your smartphone. It teaches language in a similar way to how we learn our first language, Duolingo gives a practical understanding of the language you are learning. Learning a new language helps you to take better decisions. Learning a foreign language will increase your attention span and it is beneficial to improve your memory skills.

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Duolingo App - Top 5 Educational Apps which will help you in your studies

5. NCERT Solutions

This app covers the whole syllabus of NCERT, even if you were absent in classes. NCERT solutions provide accurate information about all chapters which will help you to get additional information apart from NCERT classes. It’s a great boon to students. It’s a useful app for all the students, parents and teachers out there. You can learn about NCERT solutions without paying a penny. Install this app and you’ll forget about expensive solution guides. 

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NCERT Solutions - Top 5 Educational Apps which will help you in your studies

Install these apps in your smartphone and study well for exams and keep neat and organized college notes. These apps will make your college life easier and make your mind sharper for studies.

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