Top 5 Career Options For Creative People | Career opportunities for Creative mind


Creativity is truly a gift. The art of perceiving things differently and most importantly, portraying it in an artsy form comes as no easy task. If you are the one with a flair for colours, shapes and drawing, you can indeed build a career for yourself with this talent. Though there are several opportunities available, here, we bring to you top 5 career options for creative minds.

Top 5 Career options for Creative People

1. Architecture

Architecture - Top 5 Career Options For Creative People

Architecture can be described as the process of designing and planning of buildings.  With the surged need for developed infrastructure and tall buildings, architecture has a vital role to play.  If you are good at angles and details, you can definitely consider architecture as a career option.

One can also opt for architecture with commerce but science with maths is preferred as it will ease the give you a prior knowledge of all the physics and maths you need to use.  After clearing 12th boards, you have to apply for NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) which is a common entrance test for getting into a most of the top institutes.  B. Arch ( Bachelor of Architecture) is a 5-year graduation degree program after which you can serve as an architect for a firm or deal with your own set of clients.  For post-graduation, one can opt for specialization in interior designing or urban planning.

2. Fashion Designing

Designing comes in many variants. From fashion to jewellery to textile, specifications are many but here, we cover the most upbeat and happening one, the world of Fashion.  Fashion designing cover the art of styling and stitching clothes.

However, the task of making a perfect garment includes many steps. It starts with sketching the design on a paper, to choosing the correct fabric, proceeding with cutting and finally, stitching perfectly, giving the final touches. Top institutes like NID(National Institute of Design) and NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Technology) have their separate entrance exams. After completing Bachelor of Design(B. Des) degree, one can open a boutique or work as a retailer, serve as a stylist or a fashion blogger. Know about Top Colleges for Fashion designing in Delhi

3. Animator

Animator - Top 5 Career Options For Creative People

Multimedia is the evolving as a new stream with technologies such as visual effects and animation. Right from blockbusters like Avatar to the dragons in Game of Thrones, the demand for an animator is vast and opportunities are plenty. Animators are required everywhere- be it in video games, tv series, movies or even advertising commercials. If you have the correct set of drawing skills, storytelling abilities and ample of software knowledge then you can choose to be an animator. NIIT (National Institute for Information Technology) is a premier institute to provide a specialized program on animation.

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4.  Fine Arts

Fine Arts - Top 5 Career Options For Creative People

As Pablo Picasso once said, ” Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”  Fine arts is the heart of the entire art industry.  Artists can pursue their career as an art professional, sculpturer, Illustrator, Painter, Art gallery Curator, Art Historian, or as visual professionals.

After a BFA degree ( Bachelors in Fine Arts), you can gather several certifications suited to your choices. Besides everything, this field required great imaginative and creative thinking skills.

5.  Photographer

Photographer - Top 5 Career Options For Creative People

With the boom in technological trends, e-commerce and social media websites have changed the course of business and advertising. Thus, photography is becoming a top career option for people with right camera skills and an ability to put things into perception.  Again, photography is a major field in itself covering areas of food, wildlife, fashion, studio and sports under its umbrella.  Several institutes offer the certification course in photography. One of the major advantages is that you can take this profession anywhere you want- from studio to portfolio to websites, there isn’t any limit to what you can pursue with your skills.

Therefore, the creativity in you has the freedom to flourish in several career options. I would just like to conclude by quoting Albert Einstein –

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”