Top 10 Television Series you must watch | Best TV Shows for College Students


Are you bored of watching all those typical serials that have the same storyline? If you wish to go through some interesting content then we have a perfect treat for you. Keeping in mind the needs of today’s college students we are presenting a list of top 10 television series that will be just perfect for you.

Top 10 television series for College Students

1. The Office

The office - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

The Office is one of the most popular television shows of all times. It is the perfect show if you need a good laugh, and you can even fit an episode in between classes because they are only 20 minutes long. Re-watching the whole series may be an equal entertainer for you as for the first-timers.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

As long as blood and all that anatomy stuff do not bother you and you don’t become easily attached to characters, Grey’s Anatomy is perfect for you. It’ll give you a good mix of emotions, laughs; however, it is heavier on the emotional side.  Although if you think you can handle that then give it a try.

3. Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

Bob’s Burgers offers that perfect late night humor that takes absolutely no brain power to understand, even though it might not be as funny in the middle of the day and you can lie there contently and laugh at the sheer stupidity of the show and get yourself entertained to the core.

 4. Blue Mountain State

Blue mountain state - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

Vulgar, hilarious, and extremely entertaining, Blue Mountain State is the embodiment of what every student wishes his or her college to be in the dreams. If you want to watch any show when you should be studying, if you are dreaming about how you thought college was going to go, the Blue Mountain State will never disappoint you.

5. One Tree Hill

One tree hill - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

It may seem like your typical teenage drama series, but it’s so much more. You’ll be laughing one minute and crying the next, but you’ll love it. You will probably end the series feeling like you know the characters on a personal level and not know what to do with your life after it’s over, but the nine seasons of emotional roller coaster rides are all worth it.

 6. Criminal Minds

Criminal mind - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

Criminal Minds is the best thriller show to watch with your roommates or your siblings. Especially if you’re looking for some thrills and action with some good-looking FBI agents, then Criminal Minds will serve a perfect treat for you!

7. Friends

Friends - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

Most likely one of the best comedy series of all time and definitely the best sitcom of the 90s, it will never get old. “Friends” is still so relevant even after almost 15 years since the last episode, and it will always be an American favorite. Once you watch it you can get addicted very easily and then search for Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, and Ross among your friends every time.

8. How I Met Your Mother

How I met your mother - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

Completely underrated, and completely incredible, How I Met Your Mother will change your world. It’s like a 2010s version of “Friends”—obviously something you wouldn’t want to miss.

 9. Prison Break

Prison break - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

If you’re looking to change it up a little bit, check out “Prison Break.” It’s gripping, emotional, and mind-blowing and you’ll be sucked in from episode one.

 10. New Girl


New girl - Top 10 Television Series you must watch

New Girl will have you laughing out loud for entire episodes, and you’ll be wishing you could move to Los Angeles to live in the loft with Jess, Schmit, Winston, and Coach.

So, what are you waiting for? Just switch from the melodramatic serials to these that offer you with great content and will never fail to entertain you