Top 10 movies you must-watch with your best friend | Enjoy with your friends with these movies


Best friend goals- Having fun together, wandering together and night stays and to top it off with nostalgia, there are movies to watch together. Movies are always fun. They make us believe in everything and tickles our imaginations. If you are someone, who stays at home and is too lazy to go out, just fix a movie date with your besties. It’s the perfect way to have fun while being comfortable in the comfort of your home.

So, here is a list of movies to watch with your best friend


Does arranging dates for your friends is what you like? Then this is the movie, a movie about a girl and her friend matchmaking and fixing dates. Just try this movie. And know what happens.

Now and Then

Four best friends, different than one another but are best friends, finding out solutions and answers. If it sounds relatable to you then it’s a must-watch movie.

Whip it

Doing what makes you happy, with the support of your besties is so comforting. It’s the story of a friend supporting the other through thick and thins. Watch it and feel that comfort.


Friendship is not just about fun, sometimes it includes responsibilities of a friend’s child, taking care of her and making her feel the same warmth. Get on this movie and feel the responsibilities.

Thelma and Louise

Friends with opposite personality, one is bold the other docile. Watch their adventurous story and discover the phases of friendship and the phases of life.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This Bollywood film is a must to watch when it’s all about friendship. Three boys out on a trip, open their hearts and magic happen. Friends are not always the troublemaker, sometimes they help you face troubles courageously.

Rock On

Musician friends’ unaccomplished dream because of misunderstandings. Watch the movie to know how they reconciled and make their dream come true.


Funny, light-hearted movie with three friends enjoying their lives, but oh! problems are there in every relationship. See how they tackle the problems in a hilarious way.

Dil Chahta Hai

Strong bond, friendship, and hardships are the keywords for this movie, Curious to know what happens?

The Trip

Not a movie but a series on youtube. It will leave your heart filled with warmth and love of friendship. A trip with friends never does any harm. It makes you forget all your problems. Watch it and get motivated to plan a trip asap.

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The list is a mix of Hollywood and Bollywood movies as there are some great movies in both. They may help you discover new facts and truths about friendship. Maybe your bond take a hike after watching them. Friendship is more than chit-chats and enjoyment and these movies will surely make you understand it. Help me add more movies in the list by leaving a comment.