To Do or to Not to Do? Pros and Cons of Distance Learning Program


Distance Learning program has become an ongoing trend among students who want upgrade their educational qualifications while pursuing a career. A considerable substitution to the prosaic classroom learning system, it aids student providing with numerous benefits.

But students are often filled with doubts when it comes to Distance Learning Program. This is a coherent argument. Students lack clarity about the pros and cons of this program. Let’s go through some of them.

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning Program (Courses)

Advantages of Distance Learning Program

  1. The most beneficial purpose of Distance Learning Program is that one can pursue their job while learning. This a paramount reason for students to opt for this mode of education. Not everyone is in a situation to quit their jobs. This comes as a boon for them.
  2. One can study at their own pace. In classroom learning, every student is taught together. Each student has their own pace of grasping knowledge. Since all the course material is provided ahead of time one can learn as much or as little as they want.
  3. Distance Learning Program is affordable compared to an on-campus degree. Economically it is more feasible.
  4. Since there is no commuting involved, one can save a lot of time. Classes can be scheduled at one’s own ease. It offers the flexibility to use the time according to their desideratum, whereas in classroom learning the schedule is prepared by the institution which might not be suitable.
  5. One can access learning whenever and wherever. Students don’t have to be stuck to a rigid schedule. Rather they can plan their study as they seem fit and are at their productive best.
  6. The number of choices is more when it comes to Distance Learning Program. When confined to a particular community it is difficult to get a school as per the student’s requirements. Some of the best schools and institution offer Distance Learning Course that overwhelm this obstruction.
  7. Students enrolled in this mode of education get a wider range of networking possibility. Through online portals an discussion forums, students can have their doubts and queries cleared out while they. New ideas also get propagated in these portals which further helps the students to broaden their horizons.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning Program

  1. Procrastinating is quite easy when it comes to Distance Learning Program. The rate of distractions is much more since there is no actual interaction with the teachers and other students. Distance Learning requires a lot of self-motivation and discipline.
  2. Certain employers do not acknowledge Distance Learning. This can be a major drawback when trying out for a particular job. Students should be sure of the employer’s standpoint before opting for this mode.
  3. One has to be careful when choosing a course in Distance Learning. The course needs to be accredited. There a lot of non-legitimate courses which affects credibility.
  4. Distance learning is technology dependent. Technical requirements can sweep someone’s feet off if they are not computer literate. One does not have to be a complete savvy but a certain knowledge is required.
  5. Not all courses are available online. The courses which require practical, hands-on learning is not possible through Distance Learning as of now.

Weighing upon the pros and cons of distance learning programs, one can make an informed decision on whether to opt for this methodology of andragogy.  A lot of students have been benefitted through this approach despite its disadvantages. Let’s go back to the question- to do or not to do?