Tips to work efficiently in a team – Importance of teamwork


Working in a team can be tricky sometimes. I remember, in my first year of college, when we were given group projects or group presentations, it literally used to give me a headache! However, it is important to realize that teamwork is very important – not only in your college years but even when you start working a job. Running away is no good, you have to learn to deal with different people and different point of views. So, here are some tips to work efficiently in a team.

Hence, we present you with some tips to work efficiently in a team

1. Be open to ideas

Be open to ideas - Tips to work efficiently in a team - Importance of teamwork

There is only rarely when all the members agree on a particular topic. Most of the time, you’ll find everyone popping a different idea with some people adamant on sticking to theirs. But that’s the beauty of a team- the motive to cause different minds to cultivate an innovate way to accomplish the task. You must list down all the ideas on a paper and discuss benefits, problems, uses, its accessibility, etc of all the ideas in a group and then come to a mutual conclusion. Thus, it is important to be open to ideas and then judge their rationality, working, and applicability in a group.

2. Communicate

Communicate - Tips to work efficiently in a team - Importance of teamwork

Effective communication and understanding play a vital role in teamwork. Even if you are given your parts but if you may not communicate, chances are, some things might double up or some things might even be left incomplete. Hence, it is important for everyone to update his/her teammates regarding developments. This way, the one who is not working accordingly might realize the need to speed up as well as it helps maintain the motivating vibe in the group. Besides, if you have made some mistake, it is better, to be honest, and keep the team well informed about it.

3. Dealing with people

Dealing with people - Tips to work efficiently in a team - Importance of teamwork

You’ll have all kinds of people while working in a group- the one who takes it too lightly, the one who takes up leadership without being told to, the one who will work differently from the group, the one who’ll be over-excited and what not. That’s one significant thing teamwork teaches us- to respect everyone’s working style and still thrive to utilize them for the work at hand. For example, the one who is active can be told to fetch all the materials while the one who is working differently should be told politely to communicate more often. You can tell the leader to assign different tasks to everyone and follow-up accordingly.

As Bill Gates rightly said: “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it.” The important thing to realize is one must respect all its team members. All of them have essential things to contribute in their very own ways.

4. Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution - Tips to work efficiently in a team - Importance of teamwork

If you have worked in a group before, you’ll know how often one has to deal with conflicts. There are many ways to resolve a conflict- one must communicate, listen actively to others point of view, understand the situation, negotiate and attempt to reach a common ground. If a conflict arises between two people on your team, you must jump in to access the situation and help the other two resolve their issues.

5. Step up to motivate

Step up to motivate - Tips to work efficiently in a team - Importance of teamwork

Imagine this situation: It’s the day right before submissions…lots of work still pending. Your team is frustrated and everyone’s blaming someone or the other for the delay. In these cases, you must step up to motivate your team. Remind everyone of how far you have come as a team and how we can learn only by putting our best effort.

6. Be Flexible

Be flexible - Tips to work efficiently in a team - Importance of teamwork

It may so happen that the outcome of your project might not match up your expectations. Be it either due to your or others mistake, it is important to be flexible and accept the situation. Blame games should be strictly avoided. One or two marks here and there might not matter after a while but the experience you had is here to stay. Thus, minor glitches and mistakes should be pardoned and supported.

Apart from that, working in a team will sharpen your influencing skills, decision-making, planning, problem-solving and communication skills. So next time you are asked to make a project or a presentation in a group, grab that very opportunity to challenge yourself and put up a great team effort.