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Sentence rearrangement or Jumbled paragraph or para jumbles have been a consistent feature of Bank exams and other government exams. A jumbled paragraph consists of sentences (4-6)  in random order without any indication of first, middle and last sentence. The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. You will learn a number of ways and tricks to solve para jumbles for banking exams specifically IBPS, SBI and RBI.

The key to solving Jumbled paragraph is to correctly identify the links between the sentences. Sentences can be linked together in following ways.

Let’s start with an example:

A. Thus begins the search for relief: painkillers, ice , yoga, herbs even surgery.
B. Most Computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder.
C. They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms,along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change
D. But cures are elusive, because Repetitive Stress Injuries(RSI) present a bag of ills that often defy easy diagnosis.


Script Link – Logical Approach for Para Jumbles

These links can be discovered by logically sequence the concept or ideas between the sentences. Read through the sentences 3-4 times to get the context, what exactly they are trying to say from the sentences and start joining sentences in order of your thought process.

In the above example, you can read sentences 2-3 times and will be able to know that it’s talking about the problems caused by Computers and hence sentence has to be started with. Computer Sentence B will be the first sentence. Therefore, you can conceptualize the paragraph in the same way and complete the para jumble in banking exam.
Similarly, by the logical approach, [A] should follow [C] as the search for relief can be found only after referring to the problems and hence [D] should follow [A] as it is being written as a result or conclusion.

Verbal Construction Link for Para Jumbles

The links between sentences can be made by following some conventions of verbal construction. Some of the best methods are:

  • Introduction and Body: You will mainly encounter two types of sentences which make sense as a whole or sentences which only when added to other sentences start making complete sense. While choosing the starting sentence, we usually choose a sentence that makes sense independently or on their own.
    In the above example, only [B] seems to be the first sentence to start and others belong to the body as [B] makes sense as a whole without dependency from other sentences. Similarly, you can structure the body to complete the paragraph.
  • Find the Pronouns: 
    • Personal Pronouns(he, she, it, hi, her, they, you, your): If a sentence contains personal pronouns without referring to a person, place or a thing in the same sentence, then person, thing or place referring to will come in the previous sentence and that’s how you will be able to find a link.
    • Descriptive Pronouns(this, that, these, those): this & that is used for singular nouns and these & those are used for plural nouns. When a sentence contains any demonstrative pronoun without mentioning the noun or the noun phrase, it means that the previous sentence must contain that noun which will help us connect two sentences.
      In the above example, [C] contains a descriptive pronoun and we can see that some noun i.e Computers, is being used in another sentence. Therefore, [C] will follow sentence [B].
  • Thought-Extender/ Reverser: Some words function to single the extension(or reverse) of particular thought/idea/argument by providing examples, analogies. further arguments, references, reasons etc. For e.g. additionally, similarly, further, also, but, likewise, moreover, thus, therefore, however, besides, rather, yet, meanwhile, the meantime, later, earlier, simultaneously, afterwards, in conclusion, contrarily, unlike, like etc.
    In the above example, but and thus are used to reverse or extend the thought and should be linked with the common context i.e problem with computers.
  • Cause and effect method: Some sentences can be linked to the cause and effect approach where one sentence is followed by other because of some cause and showing its effect. Look for words or phrases explicitly indicating that one thing causes another or logically determines another.
    Accordingly, in order to, because, so…that, consequently, therefore, given, thus, hence, when…then, if…then
    In the above example, [C] follows [B] due to cause and effect. Similarly, [A] follows [C] because of cause and effect.
  • Recognize the ARTICLES: If both ‘a/an’ and ‘the’ are used for the same noun in para jumble then the sentence containing ‘the’ will come after the sentence containing a/an.
  • Chronological order: If the sentences are given, contain some year or time then you can easily see which sentence should come first and then link with other sentences.

Important tips to remember for Para Jumbles in IBPS PO Mains 2018

  1. Most likely sentence to come first will introduce a person, place, committee, concept or a specific thing. (sentence [B] containing computers should be the first sentence).
  2. Try to make pairs of sentences using cause & effect method or thought-extender/reverser approach. Making pairs of sentences will help to eliminate the options to choose from.
  3. Try to make the central theme of every para jumble i.e what exactly these sentences want to tell us.
  4. Keep improving your reading skills and improve your reading ability. This is the hard way but you got to do what you need to do.

Examples of Para Jumbles for IBPS PO Mains

  1. Para Jumbles Example 1
    A. Thus begins the search for relief: painkillers, ice, yoga, herbs even surgery.
    B. Most Computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder.
    C. They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms, along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change
    D. But cures are elusive because Repetitive Stress Injuries(RSI) present a bag of ills that often defy easy diagnosis.1]BDAC
    Correct Answer: [3]
    Explanation: Here you can make out that B is the likely starting sentence as it introduces the subject ‘computer users and related problems’. Option [1] can be ruled out as there is no link between B and D. Moving on to option[2], the BA links look tempting but if you read on you will find that in this sentence, C hangs loose if put as the last sentence. Moving to option [3], you will see that ‘they’ in C is the links to computer users in B. D should logically follow A, the link being cured the nature of cures. Hence, [3] is the correct answer.
  2. Para Jumbles Example 2
    A. This is prime loin country.
    B. Late February in Kuno Sanctuary, the world is all sunshine, crisp air and flowering trees.
    C. But in the 1800s, lions vanished from this open, rugged scrubland along the Vindhyas.
    D. Today, in an ambitious conservation step, work is on here at a frenetic pace to bring back the Lord of the jungle.1] ACBD
    2] CADB
    3] CABD
    4] BACD
    Correct Answer: [4]
    Explanation: By rule of elimination using Pronouns method above, we can see [A] & [C] cannot be the first sentence. Hence, option [1],[2] & [3] are eliminated. Therefore, [4] is the correct answer.
  3. Para Jumbles Example 3
    A. Thrills, ranging from video games to burgers cover the rest.
    B. This is because the returns from browsing cover only a percentage of your costs.
    C. The bigger your cafe, the more is the need for an additional mean of income.
    D. Some cafes can get away with being plain vanilla.
    E. These fruits will make your clients spend more time with you and also add to your profits.
    F. But others cannot.

    1] DFCBAE
    2] DBCAEF
    3] CBAEFD
    4] CDFBAE
    Correct Answer: [1]
    Explanation: Looking at a logical or central theme, it is all about cyber cafes. [D] should be our starting sentence as it is the only sentence which can be used independently. Using same rule of elimination from options, [D] and [F] will be a pair. Hence, only [1] seems to be the option to fulfil the criteria and therefore, [1] is the correct answer.

  4. Para Jumbles Example 4
    A. Merchants soon grew rich as the demand for products increased.
    B. Trade started from person to person but grew to involve different towns in different lands.
    C. Eventually, people got a greater variety of things to choose from.
    D. People found work in transporting the goods or selling them.

    1] BDAC
    2] BADC
    3] DABC
    4] DBAC
    Correct Answer: [1]
    Explanation: Out of confusion between [B] and [D], sentence B would come first. Before, trade started to grow internationally; it must have started in its basic form as the selling of goods from one person to another. Obviously when trade grew to involve different lands then merchants would grow rich and also people will get a variety of choices. Therefore, [1] is the correct answer.

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