Tips to reduce unemployment | Tips to reduce the gap between a fresher and an industry


Drop in employment rate indicates a considerable gap between qualities possessed by a  fresh graduate and the qualities an industry expects in a fresh graduate. The base for this gap is the quality of education given to students. Numerous engineering institutes exist to date, which includes institutes that lack in providing required infrastructure. Apart from infrastructure the academic curriculum also plays an important role to bridge the gap. This article introduces some tips to reduce unemployment that organizations can adapt and use it in their schedule for students and look forward to betterment.

Tips to reduce unemployment

1. Seminar

Conducting technical seminars once a month which includes a technical talk by the working professionals. This would keep the students’ updated with the industrial developments. It would help students in widening their network of choices and gaining knowledge in many sectors. It would also give an exposure to the industrial atmosphere in brief.
Making seminar as part of a curriculum for students where students would be assigned a topic or asked to choose a technical topic of their choice and present a seminar of around 15 to 20 minutes. A grading system for the seminars conducted would make students take it seriously.  Conducting seminars will improve the communication skills of students and also the technical knowledge. Having a questionnaire session after every seminar would help students enhance their knowledge in different areas.

2. Internship

Internship in semester vacations would give students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they had gained so far in their coursework. This would increase their thinking ability in a practical way. Students would gain a lot of experience.

A guide to find an Internship

3. Industrial visits

Industrial visit is one more tip which could be helpful at the initial stages in the coursework of students. Taking students to various private and government organizations would help them know the progress of the industries and country in their respective fields.

4. Workshops

Technical workshops every two months or once a semester would be an advantage. Examples for workshops that can be conducted include a workshop on new software in a case launched recently, a workshop on making models such as aircraft modelling. Workshops should also include conferences where industries can present their recent research works or current projects that they are working on.

5. Updating coursework

It is necessary to see that the academic coursework of college is updated every two to three years with the advancements in technologies and new inventions. Including revised edition books that mention the advancements in technology.  Including advanced software courses in the curriculum, so that it becomes easy for a student to get adapted to new technology. It would also save students time which they would spend to learn them while managing the coursework.

I hope these tips are useful for an organization. Adapting these techniques would help the institutes make their students’, skilled professionals and would ease their future effort in the organizations. Concluding this article with your support, we aim a “Technologically independent India, Technologically up to date India”.