Tips to prepare for ISC board exam – Tips to prepare for Humanities exam


Criticized for opting humanities in high school? Do you feel the need to prove your decision right? Then you’re at the right turn. Many students from humanities background face the same stifling pressure during their board exams. This is because it is their only opportunity to shut those blabbering mouths that had condemned their academic choice two years ago. Especially in India, where engineers and doctors are literally worshipped, coming across an arts student seems like the end of the world for people. Parents generally disapprove the idea and sometimes even force their children into taking a stream they’re averse to. Not only this, with the ever-climbing cut offs of Delhi University that admits students only on merit base, scoring prolifically in boards is pre-requisite to bag a good college. For this reason, it becomes imperative for students to wade through the tempestuous waters of Geography and Political Science before kick-starting a promising career. Following are some tips to prepare for ISC board exam of humanities stream.

Tips to prepare for ISC board exam

1. Geography

Class 12th geography is predominantly concerned with the ins and outs of the Indian subcontinent. The question paper is set to ask 7 questions in the optional section, out of which students are expected to attempt to 4. If we fall in line with this pattern then it is highly advisable for students to carefully study 4 units and gloss through the remainder of the syllabus to sufficiently tackle the compulsory section. It is relatively easier to score well in the case study chapter as it smaller than most of the other gigantic portions and an entire question comes centred on it. Maps are for 10 marks. They are literally open grounds for heaping marks. So practice them well. As far as lengthy chapters like industry and agriculture are concerned, it can be best studied by compartmentalizing the sub-topics in a lucid tabular form.

2. English Literature

ISC English syllabus is considered quite challenging. With Shakespeare fitted into the already vast syllabus of 20 poems and short stories, students get jitters all over. Thus, to score remarkably in literature, important quotes can be added to enhance the essay write-ups. This gives substantial weight to the hitherto weak arguments and the examiner feels that the particular student seems very well read. As a result, extra marks are showered for peppering the answer in a consolidated manner.

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3. Sociology

This is believed to be one of your percentage boosters. However, the subject stipulates long, detailed answers which is it’s one unavoidable requirement. For this reason, it is wise to time your answers accordingly and keep a careful track of the slipping time. Also, it would work to your advantage if you infuse several relevant examples in your answer. Convincing, punchy instances invariably works to the students’ advantage.

4. Political Science

Just like sociology, it is significant for students to frame answers with material examples to match. Also equally important is the need to remember dates, years and the names of prominent personalities in a coherent manner. Try to divide the answers into systematic points instead of running into protracted paragraphs. This is because writing answers in individual points seems much more methodical than long, messy paragraphs that are sometimes indiscernible.

So, these were the tips to prepare for ISC board exam. Apart from the above points, it is indispensable to practice previous year’s question papers as it greatly helps in revision. It also prepares you for the kind of questions that would be eventually bombarded on you and the pattern in which they would appear. Another thing to bear in mind is the size of the answers you write. It should vary. Short questions of 2 marks shouldn’t send you into a frenzy of writing endless pages. On the contrary, essay questions cannot be satisfactorily answered in half a page. So keep an eye on the balance and watch it if it tilts. It is wise to stay wary of such tips to prepare for ISC board exam of humanities stream while sitting for those long study sessions.

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