Tips to parent Teens during high school years – Tips to handle kids during high school years


Is your child in high school? Are you worried about how train your child for his well being? There are many questions that parents have in their mind whose children are in secondary school. Parents and children find it difficult to adjust to each other when the children come to high school. This is the time when children enter into their teenage. Children face issues with their mood swings and get irritated quickly. Parents are worried about things such as their grades, their future, their habits etc. This article gives you some tips which would help parents in looking after their kids. Here are some tips to parent teens.

Tips to parent teens during high school years

1.  Spend Time

In today’s busy lifestyle parents find it difficult to give time to their children. But it is very important for parents to spend time with their children. Make time for your children to discuss different aspects such as their studies, their daily activities what are their interests, what would they want to do in the future etc.  This will help you in guiding your children in a right way and also you will be able to teach them things like taking the right decision difference between right and wrong etc.

2. Discipline

Discipline is a habit that every individual must have in his/her life. So it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children this habit. High school is the right time where you can inculcate this habit in your children in an appropriate manner and also ensure that it will last for a long time.

3. Parent and a friend

We generally see parents commanding their children “do this”, “do not do this” etc. When you give these commands to your younger children they will obey all your commands, but if these similar commands to your high kids the reaction might be different. Children in their teenage generally have a mentality that they are now grown-ups and know everything and are always right. In such cases, parents should help them out by being a good friend of their children and counsel them. This will help to bridge the generation gap between parent and child.

4. Health

We also find that children of all the ages are very much fond of junk food. Children in high school and when entering high school are in a growing age and require healthy food for proper growth.  Therefore it is necessary that parents concentrate on what their children eat is healthy or not. Sometimes due to the pressure of their studies children do not eat properly, it is parents who should make it sure that they take care of the child’s health.

5. Do not compare

It is often seen that parents compare their child to others in terms of capabilities. The comparison generally made is for grades. How much grade has my child got? Has he/she got good grades compared to others? It would be advisable for parents not to compare their child with others. Every individual is capable in different ways. Do not judge them on their grades this will decrease their confidence level. Support their talent and let them fly with colours.

These were some of the tips to parent teens Finally, a simple advice to all the parents to remember is that you are shaping the future of our society. So a well brought up child will give his/her best to the society.

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