Tips to maintain Mental Health – Mental Health Awareness for Students


The things we see the most in the newspapers is the news of student suicides. There is a considerable amount of increase in the number of suicides every year. So why are students choosing this path? It is due to the lack of proper mental care and also due to the lack of sufficient awareness of mental health. As a society, India is still is very backward and there is a lot of taboo on mental illnesses. The world has become fast-paced and very competitive. While some thrive on competitiveness, some crumble down as it becomes overwhelming. There is no sure way to say who will be strong and who gets affected. Each and every one of us has faced dark times but the students at present are more vulnerable.

Students at present have become competitive- a lit bit of competitiveness is alright, but too much of it weakens us. Stress is also on the rise. The world is ever-changing and the students find it difficult to establish themselves and also the society, in general, is always wary of uniqueness and this further forces the student to fit into something that is more harmful.

The education system too is primarily focused on securing ranks and higher marks. It imperative to understand that life is not only about studying but also other things like character development, being socially knowledgeable, maintaining relations, focusing on creative abilities. It is safe for me to say that the education system has made the students and also their parents narrow-minded.

Students should understand the importance of failure and it is the duty of parents as well as institutes to help them understand it. Change is never sudden, so creating awareness is the only solution. It is also very necessary that the student learns to relax in a world that is constantly running.

The stress to always win or be with the crowd or to be appealing to the crowd sometimes leads to more severe mental health problems like depression, addiction, anxiety and a whole range of other diseases.

Here are some tips to maintain mental health

Getting Help

Getting Help - Tips to maintain Mental Health - Mental Health Awareness for Students

There is no shame in admitting that what you are going through is hard. Life is designed to make us suffer along with occasional perks of happiness. We as humans are made to fall, but we also have the ability to stand up again. For some the standing up is inbuilt and for some external help is necessary. It is advisable to visit therapists and counsellors to find your footing. There are also many online websites that provide counselling in the comfort of your own home. Some of the websites that are creating awareness and providing help are

The Live Love Laugh Foundation

Young Minds

Open Mind

Youth Beyond Blue

Finding the right crowd

Finding the right crowd - Tips to maintain Mental Health - Mental Health Awareness for Students

It is said that a friend has the ability to make or break a person. A water drop, if it falls on a hot surface, vaporizes into nothing. If it falls into mud it becomes dirty and if it falls into the oyster, it becomes a pearl. So it is very necessary to surround ourselves with people that motivate us, inspire us and help us grow rather than those that keep pulling us down. The other source of strength is family. It is necessary to be communicative and whatever might be the issues talking them out is helpful because the family is a great backbone to an individual. Openly discussing rather than suffering in silence is important.

Being physically fit

Being physically fit - Tips to maintain Mental Health - Mental Health Awareness for Students

Mental health and physical health are two sides of a coin and the lack of one throws the other off balance. In serious mental illness caring for the physical body is tough and this is where medication and therapy come in hand. Physically fit or strong doesn’t mean being lean or thin. It means to eat meals that are nutritional and wholesome, doing exercises regularly and having a good night’s sleep. Skipping meals and ignoring sleep to work or study might give us money or ranks but they take away something more precious – our health. A walk in nature, waking up early and enjoying the quietness is also helpful.

Taking a break

Taking a break - Tips to maintain Mental Health - Mental Health Awareness for Students

In a world that is constantly moving, taking breaks is a blessing. An individual has to realize that taking breaks from time to time is physically and mentally rejuvenating. Apart from academics, reading novels be it autobiographies or fiction or poetry is revitalizing and also books impart us with little pearls of wisdom on how to be more self-reliant. If reading books are cumbersome, there is an option of audiobooks. Art is something that heals the broken soul, be it music or drawing. Listening to instrumental music rather than songs is more therapeutic. One has to understand that doing nothing is also a relaxation technique. Maintain a journal and vent all the unhappy, dark thoughts or the issues that trouble you. Even though this doesn’t help in finding a solution, it lessens the burden a bit.

Moments of darkness may seem thick and everlasting but there is always light. Do not let these few moments make a decision that endangers your loved ones or yourself. Just like the happiness fades away, so does the sadness. Talk it out with those whom you trust. If you don’t have anyone write it down or go to a therapist. Don’t let the fear of being weak spoil your life.

Tips to cheer yourself up

Whenever we begin to feel as if we can no longer go on, Hope whispers in our ears to remind us that we are Strong.” –Robert M. Hensel