Tips to improve spoken English | Tips to speak English confidently


We might become a grammar whiz, learn all the rules of the language by heart, repeat them like a mimicking parrot but all that won’t work when it comes to actually speak English. We can still falter in stringing two words together before a waiting audience. It is true that learning the grammar of a language is essential to excelling in it. However, that is not all. Speaking fluently requires not an immaculate knowledge of grammar but a stimulating environment where you can dynamically put theory into practice and finally walk your talks Human beings are impressionable creatures. They’re made permeable with five sense organs to touch, taste, smell, hear and see information, blanketed around us in varied forms. Studies reveal that people learn faster and mostly when they actively engage in dialogues or hear monologues from potential sources. Hence, if we go by the same rule then we need to be conditioned in order to become fluent English speakers. This can only happen when we incorporate and assimilate the language in our routine life and dabble in it at regular intervals. So, herer are some tips to improve spoken English

Listed below are some tips to improve spoken English

1. Turn traitor. Switch to western songs!

Probably one of the most fun tips to improve spoken English. Chicken out of Bollywood’s desi world for a while and turn your gaze towards the West. Listen to English songs by your favourite singer. Go through the lyrics of the song and try singing along in sync with the original voice. This will establish a rhythm and help you get comfortable with the wording and speaking of words in whole, integrated sentences. Also, hearing them in a musical form will accelerate the process of getting used to the language.

2. Open your eyes and ears open for a journalist!

Watch news channels in which journalists and anchors speak in English. This will not only add to your general knowledge but also your expression and communication skills. Download a news app from the play store and catalyze learning. Apps like ‘The Hindu’ come installed with features of recorded news. When the speaker icon is pressed, the particular news piece is read aloud by a recorded voice. This way you do not have to read the tedious article all by yourself. Hearing the electronic voice can also improve your pronunciation skills.

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3. YouTube is the new coach. Sign in to some free tutorials!

Watch English movies, television series and speeches of prominent personalities on YouTube to get a hang of the language and how it is effortlessly spoken in everyday life by natives. YouTube is a platform offering unfettered access to requisite materials, video clips and tutorials. Watching and subscribing them can virtually transport you into a community of English speakers. This is precisely what is needed to hone your communication prowess.

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4. Enrol, Deliberate, Learn!

Slither into some discussion clubs of your college. Debating societies and library clubs deliberate on diverse issues. Get yourself to join such cohorts of students and converse with them. Give your ideas, object if you feel, second if you agree. By engaging in full-blown dialogues with other English speakers, you can incorporate the language in your everyday life and socialize yourself with it.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the boss of them all!

If you do not have friends who converse in English, then rush to your mirror and start a self-help campaign. Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye, set the timer, choose a topic and start ranting on it for no less than one complete minute. When you gradually attain fluency speaking in those 60 seconds, slowly and steadily increase your allotted time. Record your speech and replay it to gauge your mistakes and amend them in the next trial.

Armed with the above tips to improve spoken english, nothing can thwart you in your way to attaining fluency in the English language. Keep practising and you will eventually have the lingo by its horns. Set aside all your qualms, adjust your confidence up a few notches and start communicating across the borders with a global language rolling out of your tongue.

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