Tips to Improve concentration and focus more – How to improve concentration?


The state of being able to concentrate is important not only for students of school and college but also for adults and everyone else. One cannot succeed in his or her life if s/he is unable to concentrate and gets distracted easily. Concentrating even more difficult. Our fathers tell us about their struggles and how they were more dedicated than us in every work they did. But when they were kids and young adults there were no distractions at all. No mobile phones no laptops and maybe no TV. They were more into outdoor activities and we are more limited to the apps of our smartphone. We are so engrossed in the mobile phones that we are not able to control ourselves checking the notification every 2 minutes. So far as concentrating is not easy. We have to train ourselves. Here are some tips to improve concentration and focus more.

Tips to improve concentration and focus

Yoga and meditation

yoga and meditatoin - Tips to Improve concentration and focus more - How to improve concentration

Yoga is powerful, it has a solution to almost all health and mind related problems. Every morning and evening at least half an hour of yoga full benefit you a lot. There are some special asanas that will help in increasing your concentration power.

  • Vrikshasan (The Tree Pose)
  • Yog Mudra (Salutation)
  • Tratak Kriya
  • Virasana (The Hero Pose)

These word for Among many questions that will increase concentration. These asanas will also help to polish your memory power.

Meditation is something that everyone must do. It has so many advantages. Parents should encourage their children to do meditation with them. It should become a habit. If you are new to meditation then I have found a YouTube video which will be helpful to you.

Eat good food

Eat Good Food- Tips to Improve concentration and focus more - How to improve concentration

We have to accept that what we eat these days is not really good for our physical and mental health. Pizza, burger and all kinds of fried stuff have an adverse impact on our health. Switch to healthy eating options which may not be tasty like your pizza loaded with extra cheese but will definitely help you to lead a healthy and active life with an increased concentration.

  1. Green Tea: The two major ingredients of green tea are caffeine and L-theanine, which produces a better ability to focus attention.
  2. Leafy Green Vegetables: The antioxidants, carotenoids, and Vitamin B present in green vegetables enhance the overall brain health.
  3. Water: We all drink water but not enough. Every function of the body including that of the brain depends on water, drink enough of it.

There are other foods also, like dark chocolate, flax seeds, nuts and seeds, egg yolk, turmeric walnuts etc. Include most of the healthy options in your diet.

Sleep cycle

Sleep cycle - Tips to Improve concentration and focus more - How to improve concentration

To be able to concentrate on your studies, make sure that you get enough sleep, minimum 6 to 8 hours depending on what your body wants. If you do not get an ample amount of sleep you will be tired all the time. Also if you are a college or school student and have to attend classes then it is advisable to not stay up late. And try to utilize your 24 hours in a way that you don’t have to compromise with your sleep.

Practice writing

Practice Writing - Tips to Improve concentration and focus more - How to improve concentration

No matter what your subject is, practice it by writing. If you have a theory subject like English or Political Science then writing will help you in memorizing the things quickly. The advantage of writing is that you will not be distracted frequently. I am telling you this from my personal experience, the more you write, the more you learn better.  While writing your mind will be focused on the topic.

These were the major ways by which you can work on your concentration power. Along with these, there are other small steps that you should take, such as-

  • Keeping all your distractions like mobiles laptops away while studying.
  • Take all the required things like notes, pens, notebooks with you so that you don’t have to get up from your place every 10 minutes.
  • Do smart study.

Scoring well when you have a good concentration power is not so difficult now with these tips.