Tips to get organized – How to use Mind mapping technique to make your life easier


Have you ever felt so stuffed and stressed with pending deadlines and workload that you don’t even know where to start from?  Well, I guess that happens to most of us. In such situations, mind mapping comes to your rescue. Mind mapping is a technique used to organize information and details. Start with a central theme, and put it in the centre of the page. Associate every new node with every major topic related to that central theme as branches flowing outwards from it. Further, create subbranches from these branches reflecting related ideas and information. Just be experimental with it. You can even use colours or use different mind maps for every subtopic if you wish to. Here are some tips to get organized.

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Tips to get organized

It helps you visualize the situation and hence helps in better comprehension, understanding, and details of the problem. Mind maps can be used in various day-to-day areas of our life. We mention some basic functionalities of mind maps as one of the best tips to get organized.

1. Goal Setting

Goal Setting - Tips to get organized - How to use Mind mapping technique to make your life easier

As they say- “the best way to achieve big goals is to take small steps.” Thus, say if your goal is to buy a new car, you need to plan out steps you will be taking to achieve it. You can make various sections for say, listing out finances you need to manage, options of the car, your requirements and so on. You will realise, mind mapping will help you get a new clarity and vision for your goals. For example, it will give you an idea regarding the cars you want, cars available in your budget and how you need to manage your finances to get your desired car.

2. Problem Solving

Problem Solving - Tips to get organized - How to use Mind mapping technique to make your life easier

One of the best uses of mind mapping is that it helps you analyse and solve a crucial problem in a very simplified manner. All you need to do is mention a problem in the centre and put the solution in the branches from it. You can try to involve more and more solutions, however vague or difficult you think they might be, you’ll realize that putting solutions to paper will somehow help you generate more ideas regarding the same.

3. Revisiting Lessons

Revisiting lessons - Tips to get organized - How to use Mind mapping technique to make your life easier

Many of us have a habit of making notes while studying. Your lessons can be put down in a form of a mind map so it is easier for you to recollect things when you revise. You need not go through the whole textbook or your notes again. All you need to do is go through the mind map you’ve created to get a gist of the subject. For example, you are studying about electricity, you can make different branches for its subbranches like electric currents, Ohm’s law, the heating effect of the current, the system of resistors, etc. These subbranches can further include others like circuit symbol, formula, use, importance and so on.

 4. Weekly plans

Are you a procrastinator who literally depends on the weekend to complete all his chores and unfinished work? So, instead of a to-do list, you’d rather like to put it in a mind map form in order to see all your work in a sorted manner and plan things accordingly. With these, you can also put your social meetings, class timings, and so on. This will help you manage your time and energy effectively. For example, if you have a mind map of your weekend plans which include dropping books at a friend’s place and visiting the mall, you can ask your friend to directly meet you at the mall or on the way and hence, making your work easier.

 5. Brainstorming

Brainstorming - Tips to get organized - How to use Mind mapping technique to make your life easier

Mind mapping is a proven and very effective way to generate new ideas. These ideas can include anything- be it creative ones, project ideas, business ideas for your new venture, etc. Concentrate on the central theme of your idea and set your creative mind free in order to churn more and more ideas. For example, if you are planning to open a new business venture somewhere around the food business, you can have different branches stating cuisines or places like just home delivery, café, restaurant or food truck, further you can include your target audience like hostellers, college students, business executives, general public, etc. Thus, these parameters will help you evaluate and build a clear idea or plan of execution as compared to the rough schema in your head.

Mind mapping is therefore probably one of the best tips to get organized. Thus, mind mapping is a lot more useful once you start applying it on various things like shortlisting things, presenting concisely, plan an event, access a situation, etc. and enhance your decision making and strategical thinking skills. You can draw it on a paper or if you wish to include such a mind map for a presentation or so, there are several mind mapping tools you can use., XMind, WiseMapping, FreeMind are some of the mind mapping software you can utilize.

So go ahead, try these best tips to get organized today!

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