Tips to create a CV | How to be more employable?


Something which is very apparent to all us college students is that we can never be too early to start working on our respective curriculum vitae. Employers want more than just a degree in our credentials section. There are a number of ways to boost up your resume so as to be shortlisted more often. A competitive professional world requires a competent candidate with an updated curriculum vitae.

Here are a bunch of helpful tips to create a CV for yourself.

Internships and Certificates

Internships provide a great way to turn your skills into a tangible achievement. Just listing a skill is not enough to grab the attention of an employer reading your CV, these internships and various certificates help you add credibility to it. So, do as many internships as you can and attach those certificates to your CV.

Everything you need to know about an Internship


The language your CV is written in also makes an impact. Make sure it has immaculate grammar and is not muddled. List all your achievements in a precise and crisp manner. You need to use keywords. Mix up your vocabulary with keywords in order to write a good content.


Make sure you list everything you can come up with. You never know what could catch your next employer’s eye. even the most trivial achievement may be something that could land you your next job. Another helpful tip is to always note down the start and end date of a particular job.


It is extremely important to mention references in your CV. You could mention a professor or a teacher. You cannot on the other hand mention a family member in your reference section unless they double as an authority figure.


It is imperative to follow the prescribed format to write your CV. You can fill in various details according to your preferences but you need to stick to the basics like listing in the reverse chronological order and using keywords. You can also use a template to make things easier.


A CV needs to be just about the right length. If a limited number of achievements do not help then too many of those do not help either. An employer may not read the complete list so a good alternative to omitting credentials is placing all the important ones in the upper middle area which is the most highlighted area of a CV.

Updation and Modification

Regularly updating your CV is a crucial step in ensuring that you are up to the mark. Also, another step is modifying it to fit in with the requirements of the particular position you are applying for. Rearrange your achievements so that the relevant ones are highlighted each time you apply someplace.


If you are making a CV for the first time, chances are you are not really sure whether you have written everything in the correct format or not, is your CV pleasing to the eyes or not. You could always show your CV to a senior or mentor. They will help you comb out all the mistakes in your CV.

Sample Resumes

It is helpful to take a look at a few sample resumes. You could look some up online or request your seniors to let you peek at theirs. This will provide inspiration for you to write your own.

  Sample Resume

Read and re-read your curriculum vitae and make sure there aren’t any mistakes because, for an employer who does not know you personally, the CV is a representation of you. They will judge you on the basis of it in the initial stages. Therefore, such an emphasis is laid on the art of CV building.  A good CV could be the gateway to your dream career.

How to become more employable