Tips On How To Cope up With College Depression | Deal with Unhappiness in College


College depression is something many of us has dealt with and maybe the freshers will have to face it too. There are a number of students suffering from depression. Being a responsible senior and after surviving one year in college, I would like to tell you some tips about encountering college depression. But before that we should know, or identify the reasons that are making us feel depressed and unhappy in college.

  • Not being able to adjust, not able to make any friends
  • Fear of being judged
  • Low self-esteem, comparison with others
  • Undesired course or college
  • Personal problems

There have been researches showing students getting into depression after entering in the college. I have seen that problems are usually solved once we identify the reasons and causes. Hence, below I am listing some ways that will help you out to fight college depression.

Start Interacting

You must be feeling lonely, you are watching everyone smiling and laughing and having fun but you don’t have anyone. But stop worrying and think; everyone is new most of the people around are feeling the same. You are not alone. Gather courage and start a conversation.

I know it will be difficult, especially if you are an introvert, but you have to take a step forward. Honestly, it becomes very difficult to survive if you do not have at least two to three friends. So go ahead and start talking, ask for any information related to timetable, room numbers, course, placements etc. Try to initiate the conversations with people around. Also interact with the seniors,  they can give you some insights about the college and different teachers.

From small beginnings, come great things

Be Carefree

This tip is not just for your college, but for your entire life. The ultimate truth is that nobody cares what you are wearing, how much you are scoring, how you do in your life. Drop the fear of being judged. Breathe in the freedom. Explore your interest and passions, and work to improve your skills without thinking about others. In other words, divert your mind from all the stuff that depresses you and frustrates you.

You are the best, stop comparing

This is a very common mistake that we do and invite sadness. We compare ourselves with others. We need to understand that everyone is different and in college, students come from various areas of the country with various backgrounds, you need not compare yourself with them. If you feel that there is some improvement needed in you then work for it, if it can be improved. But if the flaw is in you which cannot be changed then accept it. Tell yourself, several times a day that you are the best. Positive Vibes need to be built, they won’t come to you on their own.

Stop Regretting

Sometimes we get our choice of course but not the college that we wanted. But that should not lead you to feel unhappy. Ask anyone, what is important is the course and in case of Delhi University, every college has one of the best faculty, so consider yourself lucky if you get your desired course in this competitive time.

Time Flies

Yes, the moments you are feeling sad, you are upset about your college that these moments will never come back. Once they are gone they are never going to come back, so, utilise this time. It is just a matter of three-four years. Try to make it the best time of your life.

Fulfill your dreams, study very hard, make your parents and teachers proud, and most importantly make yourself happy. Make books your best friend, start writing diary entries and take yourself closer to nature.

College Days fill maximum colors in Life in the form of lessons