Tips for Hostel Life – A New Independent Phase of Life


The Journey Begins – Tips for Hostel Life

The excitement begins for a fresh journey beginning and the luxurious life full of facilities coming to an end. The hostel is the best part of growing days, you will get both the good and bad experiences from here only. You need to get ready to enter into this upcoming challenging years. The most important point to remember is to follow all the guidelines given to you by your mom.

Important Gudelines

1. You should take care of your basic necessities. Pack from your wardrobe kit to bathing kit.

2. Keep some novels you like reading in your free time as they will distract you from wasting your extra time.

3. Pack as much as you can of your homemade food, this will be the best survival aid during your meal skips(but try not to skip any).

4. Don’t take too many clothes because you might have to wash your clothes on your own and maintain your almirah by yourselves.

5. It’s always good to carry some amount of money in the pocket as from now your parents won’t be there every time you need something.

6.  After you have shifted to your hostel, talk to your family at least once in a day as this would refresh your mood and give you positive energy. I agree that being teenagers, sometimes you don’t get along with their views so well but they love you and they dream the best for you.

7. Get to know your roommates and try to avoid arguments.

8.  It would feel good to make adjustments according to your friends and roommates sometimes but develop a sense of judging people around you, of course not too much, but the amount needed to avoid people using you for their benefit.

9. Maintain hygiene and gain good qualities from the people around you.

10. Keep a habit of exercising daily or walking for 15-20 minutes daily either in the morning or evening.

11. Stick your timetable on your table or somewhere it would be visible easily.

12. Make registers for all your subjects and copy important notes from all your classes regularly.

Getting into this new adventurous life is not that easy as you think. It’s pretty interesting to have dreams but it takes a lot from you to make them come true. Apart from knowledge and skills, sincerity, adjusting nature and some amount of maturity level is required to stay on the right path to success.  Many hurdles will come in your way, just think sensibly and work hard, it’s all you need for a success. Also, quality alone won’t help,  quality along with the quantity of hard work you put in will cross the level of input needed.

To be frank, collect memories and experiences as many as you can and explore all the areas of development in your personality. Try not to be an introvert, meet people around you and find your interests.  Hostel life is all you got, the life after that will be full of responsibilities and problems so complete all your adventures and learn as much as you can.

Hobbies you can take up when bored in hostel