Tips for college students – How to utilize free time effectively?


We all have been writing articles about time management and its importance from school days. But honestly, I do not think that even 30% of us implement those words in our practical life. Frankly, I have never done that too. I always got distracted very easily in my school days, and sadly, I regret that because I feel that if I had been able to manage my time well, then maybe I could have scored better in my board examinations. If students know how to utilize free time, then they can be highly effective.

Well, if you are feeling the same right now, then no need of regretting because finally you are in college and no one is going to ask you marks of 10th and 12th. But, time management is now more important, if you do not utilize your time properly in college, you will have to pay for it. You cannot escape like you did in school.

How to utilize free time? Well, here are a few tips for you

1. Do not waste the free time between classes

Unlike school, in college, you will get ample free time in between the classes. Sometimes, the first class is at 9 a.m. and the next class is at 12 p.m., so you get hours of free time.

How to utilize this time?

Study! Go to the library, or any other area, where the surroundings are peaceful. Make notes. Revise your lessons. Read the newspaper and magazines. You may be thinking that if you keep on studying all the time, then when will you have fun? I have the answer. Do all fun and hangouts, once or twice a week, not more than that, if along with memories, you want some marks too. 😉

2. Do Work from home internships

The bitter truth is that after the fun-filled days of college, there is a cruel world waiting for you, where there are only a few opportunities and thousands of candidates after it. I’m talking about the competition. So, you need to build a good resume, and for that, you need to do internships.

Doing an internship along with college studies needs dedication, hard-work, and effective time management skills. Intern with a start-up, or any big company, paid or unpaid, but give your best. You will have so much of free time in college, and on weekends too, do not waste this precious time in scrolling memes and tagging friends, that won’t give you a guarantee of secured future. Be wise!

Importance of Internships

3. Learn more new things

College gives you an opportunity to discover yourself and gaining new skills. Doing an internship is very helpful in getting to know new things. But during the holidays, after the exams, take language courses and other short time courses, that will help you in polishing your skills. Vacations with friends and late night parties are fine, but future is important too.

Do more than just exist.

Learn new skill in Summers

4. Take Care of Your Health

I’ve seen students who are always studying or hanging out and eating everything unhealthy and ignoring their health completely. Even canteens serve junk food. If you manage your time properly, I’m sure that you can dedicate one hour to exercise every morning, even after getting enough sleep. Exercise and workout will give you a boost for the day.

Important Health tips for College Students

5. Have any hobbies? Enjoy them.

We all have some or other hobbies like dancing, music, mountaineering etc. Whenever you get time, try to indulge yourself in these hobbies. It will help you to grow and will keep your mind fresh. Doing what you love to do is the best way to utilize your time.

One day you’ll wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you have always wanted. Do it now.

College is an important part of your youth. You are now an adult. Some sacrifices, hard-work and a few wise decisions are all you need to ensure that you do not end up being a graduate, who has nothing except a degree. Hence, time management is important.