Tips to create a CV for freshers | Things except academics that add value to your CV


As we all know, our CV speaks volumes about us. Even though academics plays a major role in getting you an edge over the world, it is important to know that academics alone aren’t enough. Recruiters nowadays want all-rounders who are not just technically sound but also have great soft skills. Due to this, there are a few things you can include in your CV that might grab their attention except academics, of course. So, here are the tips to create a CV for freshers.

Tips to create a CV for freshers

1. Internships

Internships - Tips to create a CV for freshers

Internships teach you a lot. It provides you with a vivid idea about the workplace environment, working etiquettes and shapes you towards becoming a better professional. If you can manage to grab an internship at a well-reputed firm, higher are the chances of you getting recruited at a reputed firm. Besides, you can also ask for a research internship under any professor in your institute or any other institute. Similarly, you can work on a project under some government institutions. Either way, you’ll get to learn something new and that single point would add up to your CV.

2. Community service

Community Service - Tips create a CV for freshers - Things except academics that add value to your CV

Every major company usually involves itself in some kind of social work. Thus, if you have worked for an NGO, you certainly would have built some contacts and know how things work. Also, if you are willing to go abroad, community service is one of the major things they look out for in your CV. So, during your vacations, do grab the chance of working for an NGO that helps in uplifting the community. Besides, community services add up a lot to your personality and thus, the CV.

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3. Additional courses

Additional courses - Tips create a CV for freshers - Things except academics that add value to your CV

We all know that it is really important in today’s dynamic industry to remain updated about the newest trends in technology and economy. Thus, workshops and courses help you immensely in that matter. If you are a technology student, you might want to know about the current trends in virtual reality and its potential whereas if you are a management student, you must know about bitcoins, their comparisons with a bank and overall, their influence on the economic system. If you are a medical student, it is important for you to remain updated about new drugs and robotic surgeries whereas if you are an architecture or a design student, attending a workshop discussing Iranian architecture will aid you much in the long run.

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4. Organizing an event

Organizing an event - Tips create a CV for freshers - Things except academics that add value to your CV

Have you ever organized a concert or a stand-up show or even your college fest? Then you would know the amount of work and effort that goes into it. It demands skills like teamwork, managing skills, problem handling, planning, etc. Thus, you must volunteer if not organize such events. Besides, the more the events you volunteer in, the more the exposure you get. It also builds your contacts and teaches you how to multitask.

5. Professional certifications

Professional Certifications - Tips create a CV for freshers - Things except academics that add value to your CV

A certification usually shows your proficiency in a specific subject. Nowadays there are many online sites that provide you courses from well-known universities along with the certification. This certification provides a strong proof regarding your skillset to your recruiter. You can take these courses anytime and collect more and more certifications to add up to your cv.

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So, these were the tips to create a CV for freshers. Thus, it is important for all of us to nurture and sharpen your skills to survive in this competitive environment. Academics do well to help you get ahead of the crowd but this skillset sets you apart from it.

Tips to create a CV to be more employable