Tips and tricks to crack Group Task Obstacles in SSB – SSB Interview Procedure


After the rigorous psychological test Group Task Obstacles or commonly known as GTO is one of the three testing procedures in the phase-2 testing of the Service Selection Boards(SSB). It is basically conducted to check the candidate’s ability to work in a team. In order to become an officer in the armed forces, you must be able to solve issues related to fieldworks as quick as possible. Also, you should be able to lead your team even in the harshest conditions known. Group task obstacles in SSB are full of exciting activities. Most of them require a team where a few of them are to be done individually. Unlike other tests, GTO testing is done in a stretch of two days. In order to crack Group Task Obstacles in SSB, you have to keep certain things in your mind which are mentioned in this article.

Group Tasks in SSB are of two different categories:

  • Indoor Tasks
  • Outdoor Tasks

Indoor Tasks.

Indoor tasks in GTO are conducted in a room or sometimes outside under a shade to check confidence and problem-solving abilities in a candidate. The Indoor tasks of GTO testing are as follows:

  1. Group Discussion(GD)
  2. Group Planning Exercise(GPE).
  3. Lecturette.

Tips for Indoor Tasks

  • Make sure you listen to each and every instruction carefully.
  • In such tasks, the most important thing is confidence. Be confident while you speak. Make an eye contact with your team members and avoid looking towards the GTO Officer.
  • During the discussion, avoid speaking in between. Wait for your turn to speak. It is often seen in a group discussion that candidates try to speak in between which spoils the mood of the officer. So, in such a case ask your fellow teammates to maintain the decorum of the group discussion politely.
  • While delivering the lecturette, focus more on the solutions to the issues related to the topic.

Outdoor Tasks.

These tasks require stamina and physical activeness. You have to complete the tasks using your body as well as the mind. This is the most difficult part of the GTO but comprises of fun-filled activities. You will be using your creativity to solve the group outdoor tasks. The outdoor tasks are as follows:

  1. Progressive Group Task(PGT).
  2. Half Group Task(HGT).
  3. Final Group Task(FGT).
  4. Group Obstacle Race.
  5. Individual Obstacles.
  6. Command Task.

Tips for Outdoor Tasks

  • Be active every time. Help your fellow mates if you are not able to find a solution to the obstacle. If you are able to find solutions, ask your teammates to implement it in a very humble manner.
  • Listen to the instructions very carefully and follow the rules.
  • In the Individual Obstacles, complete the easier ones first.
  • In the group obstacle race, help the weak members first to deal with the obstacles.

These were all about the tasks in Group task obstacles in SSB. If you prepare yourself beforehand both physically as well as mentally, GTO tasks would be a cakewalk for you. Also, talk to your teammates before the day of GTO regarding the discussion strategy as it is a group activity where participation os each and every member matters. No need to stress much on the individual obstacles as it is given very less weightage. So have faith in yourself. All the very best.

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