4 things you must keep in mind before pursuing post-graduation


Should I go in for a post-graduation?
Should I pass on the opportunity and gain a bit of work experience?
Can anyone tell me what things should I keep in mind before going in for a post-graduation?

Should I go through 2 more years of horrendous sleepless nights and struggles backed with assignments and their submissions or should I get the taste of highly riveting fast-paced and grueling corporate culture? Will post graduation ensure me a fat paycheck or will I be hitting the bed with an empty tummy post its completion? Will I be able to repay my education loan or should I take up the easy route? Questions like these can give you terrible days and all the more horrific nights on many occasions if you haven’t planned what you will be pursuing after completing your graduation. Many students find themselves in the dilemma of whether to go in for a post-graduation or not.

Especially the ones in their final years have to go through series of mental tussles before they finalize on doing anything. The pressure of final year could easily scare the bejesus out of anyone. Some have it all chalked out the day they set foot in the college. These students study day in and day out, clear exams of many top-notch institutes at the same time manage to convert the demoralizing campus interviews.

So, basically they are the bookworms or in the local language, they are the “Maggus” that people call in the modern era. While there are some completely different set of people, who take up graduation due to peer pressure and get bickered by friends, relatives and society people on a routine basis. Life has been throwing stones over them at regular intervals, they never indulge in any form of planning related to career and future, and by the time they realize what’s happening it already gets over for them.

Then they go into a state of self-induced depression and blame the college, friends and family members for their dismal shows. Finally, in order to uplift their life from the daily struggles, they feel like opting in for the post graduation.

Believe me, your life could get worse if you don’t realize whether you want to opt-in for a post-graduation or not, that too the right instant. So, without wasting a minute further, let’s have a look at the 4 things you must keep in mind before pursuing a post-graduation.

4 things you must keep in mind before pursuing post graduation

1. Do your homework

Do your homework - 4 things you must keep in mind before pursuing a post graduation

Two years is a very long period and could turn out to be even more if you aren’t prepared for it. Do a bit of research from your end regarding the various subjects you’d have to study in that duration, about the institute you want to take up admission into and most importantly the placement scenarios. Have all the facts and figures associated with the course and the institute ready before you take up admission for any course in any institute.

2. Self-analysis is the key

Self-analysis is the key - 4 things you must keep in mind before pursuing a post graduation

Before you make the final decision, think heavily on why you’re opting in for the course. Will you be able to pull it off? What if you lose interest in the middle? Will you be able to sustain 2 more years of sleepless nights and struggles? Are the subjects matching your interests?

Post Graduation would be a piece of cake if you really are passionate about it. The whole purpose of mentioning these points is to make sure you thoroughly know your decisions. Remember, you won’t be able to rewind your decisions.

Time and money once invested, can’t be brought back.

3. Stop following your friend’s footsteps

Stop following your friend's footsteps - 4 things you must keep in mind before pursuing a post graduation

Students more often than not follow what their friend’s decisions, be it preparing or appearing for any interviews, enrollment for any course or any institution without knowing whether it could be the right career decision for them or not. They get brainwashed by the fact that if their friend or colleague seems to do it, they must do it too! My only question is – why? Don’t you realize your own ability whether you can pull off any feat or not?

It’s your life! So, please stop copying and blindly following what your friends say or implement in their lives. It might have worked out for them, but most certainly will not for you, unless you’re confident about it as well. Have a check on your strengths and weaknesses before resorting to any decision.

4. Will a postgraduate degree assure you a decent job?

Wll a post graduate degree assure you a decent job - 4 things you must keep in mind before pursuing a post graduation

Well, a postgraduate degree can’t assure you anything. Considering the amount you’d be paying for your postgraduate degree is somewhere in the range of 7-12 lakhs, until and unless you get placed in a decent organization where you could 8 lakh and above, then it could be termed as a decent move. Still, there’s no surety whether you’d earn 8 lakhs too as it could be any lower figure as well, until and unless you have work experience added to your resume. And it has been observed that companies nowadays want experienced personnel on board who have a decent knowledge of their domain.

There are millions out there who opt-in for work experience in the form of internships, freelancing, or get absorbed in the reputed companies for a couple of years, then either head towards a postgraduate degree to work and further enhance their acquired skill or continue working in their present domains. If you’ve made up your mind of going for postgraduate with absolutely no work experience on your resume, unfortunately, you’d still land up in a well of disappointments. And, deep down you know the answers to all your questions. Don’t go in for some hefty paychecks if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of studying for couple more years. Going for a postgraduate has its own set of pros and cons. Analyze each and every decision thoroughly before making in an elicit decision.

All in all, a postgraduate degree isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You would have to think twice, thrice and as many times as possible before finalizing on the thought of a studying for two or more years.  Not everyone possesses the perseverance, talent, and the skill needed for a postgraduate degree. The pressure of studying for couple more years while your friends and colleagues rake in millions at the moment would kill you from inside.

The overall intent is to be successful, right? Then let me tell you, that there are more than a billion people out there in the World who are masters of their particular fields and even possess more knowledge and talent than the literate individuals. Dual degrees and triple degrees do add significant weight to your resume and might even provide you with plenty of knowledge about your domain, but ultimately the effort has to be from your end that will decide how you pave your way to the hefty paychecks. If you’re hell-bent on achieving success, then sooner or later,  and even without a postgraduate degree, you will rise to the apex.