The Skills to be successful in marketing career | Skills aspiring marketers should possess


Imagine a company consisting of Engineers, Accountants, Factory workers, Managers, Lawyers, secretaries, consultant, technologist, programmer and, waiter etc. Did I just miss the most important of them all?  Yes, The Marketer (digital, content, sales etc.). This is one of the most challenging yet interesting and intriguing jobs of 2018. If you’re searching for some sort out, stress-free jobs then definitely this is not a good choice. But if you’re willing to take up a bigger responsibility, willing enough to accept the ups and downs and want to learn more then this would be a cakewalk for you. But do you have the skills to be successful in marketing career?

 As the Industries are changing continuously and the demands are rising so are the options. This is where a good marketer finds his prominent place. The job of marketing is not a child’s play. It requires constant attention, self-improvement,  study, overall understanding and a particular discipline. 

As a child, I could see my dad who was a sales marketer then continuously meeting people, going different places and I thought it must be really great fun and getting paid for that was a bonus. But now after being a marketing intern, I understand the struggles and hardships in this process. 

 With the evolution of smartphonesThe demand for digital and content marketers is really high. And In this competitive environment, the following skills are a must if one aims to become a successful marketer.

Skills required to be a successful marketer

Communication skills 

This is the deciding factor for becoming an eligible marketer. Apart from making the audience understand what you say, it is equally important to convince them in your own way. Gestures convey your attitude and your character. You must always remember that you represent an organization and your words must reflect that professionalism and dignity. 

Ability to grasp quickly, critical thinking and a good aptitude

You must keep a timely update of the latest happenings around you. Understanding different mindsets, their needs, their perspective and effectively delivering the same must be done. The ability to drive people your way to buy your product depends on your creativity and calibre. 

Developing a strategy and planning 

Success doesn’t come by taking random steps. Therefore, our actions must be planned and pitched in a certain way based on the target audience. This involves setting a target, collecting and presenting data, estimating the result and acting accordingly. 

Stress Management 

Jordan Friedman, The author of “The Stress Manager’s Manual” said that stress can dull the three essential tools for selling: Energy, Focus and effective communication. Hence, one shouldn’t be affected by the failures and always keep trying with the same passion as a single deal might change your life. 

 Good Writing Skills, connecting with the customers by Storytelling 

Gaining attention nowadays has become a difficult task. One way to seek it is to form an emotional connect, that is where storytelling plays a critical role. 

Also, understanding of Inbound marketing, content marketing, SEO  (Search Engine Optimization), Generating traffic for your blogs as a content blogger are a must. The above mentioned are some set of requirements which help you become a successful marketer