The High Jump – For a Student going from 10th standard to 11th | A tale by a student


Result day (10th std)

So it’s the most awaited day for a high school student who has worked hard throughout the year and is eagerly waiting for the results. So the result comes and he/she scores good marks or bad marks.

Marks are never good or bad, it’s just our perception

Now parents and the student decide which stream should he/she choose for further studies. In most of the cases student’s decision is overruled by their parents and like every other parent, they want their child to do either engineering or become a doctor so the child is either forced or agreed to do the same.

Coaching hunt

Parents start searching for coaching which can provide the best preparation to their child so that he/she gets selected into IIT or NIT or in any good medical college.

He/She joins one of India’s leading coaching institutions for IIT-JEE or NEET due to which either the child stays with parents or moves to a new city to achieve their dreams.

Preparation starts

After the search is complete, the child joins institute where he/she starts preparation with full energy and enthusiasm with one aim in mind of getting into the best engineering or medical institutions in our country for which he/she has to secure a decent rank in the respective examination.

Journey Begins

Initially the students enjoy their preparation as they are filled up with full energy and enthusiasm and also the topics taught are not that tough but as a month passes and the tough chapter starts coming due to which their mindset changes and they start regretting their decision to choose these subjects as their main stream which also makes them realize that getting into the prestigious institutions of our country is not an easy task due to which their mind starts fluctuating and either they stop studying or get indulge into some bad habits like smoking “But only those student succeed who don’t loose hope and rake it as a task and continue their preparation.

Now the student has entered into 12th standard and watching around that only half of the population is left in the race as many of them have either stopped studying or have got engaged into some bad addictions like cyber cafe the most familiar one.


Around 12 lakhs student give these exams every year out of which few of them become eligible for government colleges.
In this scorching season, students go to their respective examination centers to give these exams. Some due to anxiety and pressure end up not doing well and few of them give their best shot and score decent marks.

The D-Day

The JEE-ADVANCED or AIIMS examination day for which a student has been preparing for 2 years and some of them more than that. So the race starts and everyone starts running and few of them complete it while some of them ain’t able to finish it properly.


The results are out and smiling faces can be seen on the successful candidates while those are not able to secure good rank must not get disheartened because life is like a cricket match sometimes you hit a century and sometimes you go out on a duck so keeping this in mind move ahead and “learn from your mistakes”.