The Ethics to the Rescue – Hostel Life | Confronting the `Real World`


Lying on a comfortable bed, despite setting alarm at alternate times, until and unless you get to listen parents scolding loudly at you, waking up early in the morning was nearly impossible! What to eat in a day was never a thought, cleaning clothes and belongings was never a thing to be worried about, making schedule was never a decision too difficult to be executed, yes, life was so easy living at home. But do you think this will go on forever? In everyone’s life, there comes a point in life, where they have to leave all the comforts and settle all by itself. And this is nothing much different for the students leaving home for pursuing further studies. Remember, this is going to be a major U-turn of your life, with so many challenges on your way, which you got to face all by yourself, yes! So, are you really READY?

First of all congratulations, you just got levelled-up! Taking a step-up, following your dreams, you are going to join an institute which is going to be your second home, because your own home will always be your first. Leaving all the comfort behind, done with all kinds of packing, parents handing you over your financial account, for now, you are going to run your life all by yourself, your parents will be only your support system, no-more more than that. Welcome to the journey of freedom! Life has got many surprises for you from now. You are going to see so-called the ‘real-world’.

Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.

Oh yes. Here you are. New people. A new person to live it, most probably. New room. New dining-room so-called ‘mess’. New classroom. Everything new! This is where your real freedom begins. Now it is in your hands, how you are going to run your INDEPENDENCE.  Remember, everything is in your hands. Nobody is there to control you, just like your parents used to do, for now, they can only say you. So now you can say, “my life, my rules”. But wait. Are you sure your ‘rules’ are on the right track?

Life in the hostel is not really easy in the initial stage. Some may settle quickly. Some may take time to settle completely. And there are some, for whom hostel life might become intolerable. For all of these, or if I have missed any, the ethics is applicable in the same way. The ethics of leading a stable hostel life. Remember! You have to learn to accept things. Things which are not under your control. With the five major ethics you walk, any kind of obstacles will be easy to tackle with.

5 Ethics Of Rescue – Hostel Life

Learn to adjust

Yes, this is the very thing, the very reason where people to work into. Without this, it will be really difficult for you to stay in your room. And your room is the only spot on the entire campus where you got to live. Make it a happy place to live. Because after a really tiresome day, the room is where you are going to relax. Learn to adjust. Adjustment is most importantly about understanding, compromising, yeah you have to, and taking care of the room always. If you face any problem, speak to your roommate about it, take decision for the room, together, because you live together. Let her know if you feel uncomfortable with something. And above all, never forget to interact with your roommate, sometimes enjoy together in the room itself, this makes the bond stronger. Yes, you have to make many bonds, but keeping in mind that the bond doesn’t harm you in the way ahead. And yes, the quality of adjustment will help you ahead.

Learn to control yourself. Be responsible

FREEDOM. Trust me, this is one of the fruitful yet one of the dangerous. You live in the hostel, you can do anything, you can go anywhere with friends or alone, everything is in your hands. When you have everything in your hands, this is where you have to become responsible. Being responsible, you will have a clear mindset of what you really have to do. This will make easy for you to take care of yourself. Because it’s only you who have to look after yourself. Nobody is going to care for you. They have not closed ones just like your parents or any family members. You have to learn how to stand for yourself. Not being responsible can lead to guilt, messed-up schedule, poor academic performance, health issues and many other unpredictable possibilities. Be on the safe side, always.

Be updated

Remember what I said? You have got to take care of yourself. Keeping updated on what is happening all around you, maybe academics or extracurricular activities will help you to know many things, and to be an active participant in whatever you do. Knowing what is happening around you helps you to be alert, always. Because you are walking all by yourself.

Be punctual

Time management is very crucial. With so many tasks to be done within deadlines and simultaneously indulged in some personal tasks,  being punctual will boost up your productivity, and you will be able to do multiple tasks. Remember, if you follow time, time will be kind to you. Because time and tide wait for none.

Be independent, in a right way

Never rely on others to complete your task. It’s your job and you have got to complete by yourself. In case you face the problem, there will be enough helping hands around you, for sure. But it’s you, you have to stand for yourself. Maybe academics or personal or anything, you have to learn how to resolve it yourself. This will help you to be in control and on the right track, always.

Make your stay in hostel, memorable. Because from here only you learn how to lead your own life all by yourself!