How to save money – The best money saving tips for a college student


When it comes to college students, life revolves around ” Oh no! I am broke this month once again”. Tv series like ” Two broke girls” is notable in this regard, which revolves around two girls in their 20’s who are earning their pocket money and striving hard to save their hard earned money. College students have all sorts of gigs to earn their money either from internships or through research or through allowance. Whatever be the case, they are always facing financial hurdles because they tend to be spendthrift with shopping and cafes being the major part of their student life. So, here are the best money saving tips for college students.

Here are the 5 best money saving tips

1. Learn to set priorities

Those pink sneakers you saw yesterday at the mall might be tempting but if you live in a hostel, away from parents, you just got to save money for emergencies or food or rent, anything might come up and you will end up with nothing but regret at the end of the month. If you become an expert saver, who knows you might be able to invest money in productive courses which will improve your profile a lot.

2. Cut out on the hangout if possible

Going out with your friends during the college days is one of the best things you will remember throughout your life. It is the most beautiful phase for memories to be framed but you must not waste money if not anything. Restaurants are cool but the additional taxes are not. Keep electrical kettle and coffee maker handy with you if you want to escape the creepy hostel canteen food once in a while.

3. Shopping

Do not be an online shopaholic. I know smartphones are the new craze with all the fancy outlook but your old one is just fine when you are saving money. Moreover, fashionable clothes are available online at discount sometimes, try to reinvent your clothes by style hacks which can save you lot of money. If you have a designer friend, hand them your clothes, they will recreate your jeans and you can wear it in a new way without worrying about your pocket.

4. Why is the local dhaba best sometimes?

You know the costly restaurants serve more GST and less food. It is better to opt for local dhaba sometimes when you are running out of money and you can also order a vegetarian platter first if you are conscious about the hygiene. Moreover, the Indian foods are quite good at dhabas and can be very delish. It will be the perfect place for your friends to chill out and be totally informal.

5. Gifts!

Be it a birthday or a friendship day, any sort of personalized gift is just fine. Making gift cards at home to photo frames, personalized gifts requires more efforts and it is special because u have imprinted your own touch to it and most importantly affordable! So why seek  Calvin Klein perfume, when you can cook a perfect dinner and surprise them.