The Benefits of an active lifestyle


Engaging in a physical activity everyday, be it a sport you play, or a walk you enjoy, or even hitting the gym, can go a long way in boosting your immunity. I know that many people prefer to stay indoors and read, or listen to music, or watch sitcoms, but half an hour of fresh air combined with aerobic movement really does make one feel lighter, fresher, and more alert. These things might seem difficult but the benfits of an active lifestyle are totally worth it.

In fact, it is believed and proven that daily exercise does help to reduce menstrual pain and all the headaches, nausea, and fatigue that comes along with it. Now ladies (and the men who have ladies by their sides), isn’t that enough of an impetus?

But instead of trying to bribe individuals into engaging in some sort of physical activity, let’s merely go over the basic benefits of outdoor activity, or to use a more dreaded word: exercise.

Parents need to remember that it is absolutely crucial to push your children into playing more outdoors, than indoors because an active lifestyle does bring about positive experiences in your child’s life – it’s good for the body as well as the mind. And once active, your child will never want to just sit in front of a TV (called an idiot-box for a reason) all day (which will also protect his/her eyesight in the long run), or sleep in when he can play out(-side).

While regular exercise is a great way to improve health, sports, especially team sports, tend to promote in adolescents, skills like dedication, leadership, accountability, and the like. They go on to understand the importance of a team or a group, and how working together makes it easier to achieve an end, to realize a goal.

While many parents fear the after-effects of sports, mainly being a downfall in grades or a series of injuries (which, as any athlete would know, is inevitable), it is interesting to note that many athletes actually perform better academically.

Benefits of an active lifestyle

Well, they merely transfer what they learn on the field into the classroom. Ideas relating to memorizing certain formations, learning new ones, and the determination that goes into doing so, can help students use the same skills academically – be it when it comes to decoding a math sum, or using all that focus while reading a novel, whilst keeping in mind all the nitty-gritties that come along with it, the sport he/she plays will help in one way or another.

Playing a sport requires a lot of effort, time, and energy. Many people think that this distracts student-athletes from their academic responsibilities. However, the opposite holds true.

Another extremely important skill that an individual learns through a team sport is the art of communication. As part of a team, you have to speak out in order to build on your teamwork. And this ability to speak up amidst seniors helps to build confidence, which when picked up and put in a work circle, helps to face and solve problems at work effectively and efficiently.

While sports help improve one’s levels of concentration, it also, as is already known, helps you reach your fitness goals. And by fitness, I don’t merely mean losing weight; sometimes, skinnier people tend to suffer from a ton of medical issues that their so-called “healthier” counterparts remain unaware of (and vice-versa, of course).

It is well known that sports aid you in reaching your fitness goals and maintaining a healthy weight range. However, they also encourage healthy decision-making. Because an athlete understands the importance of boosting ones stamina, ideas concerning smoking and drinking are usually on the downside. This isn’t to say that athletes don’t indulge. It’s just that their indulgence tends to create a sort of fear of negative performance that prevents their doing so.

Another intriguing benefit is boosting your self-esteem. The minute you achieve a goal, you automatically feel good about yourself. You begin to feel capable and confident amongst your peers. Now, imagine scoring a goal and leading your team to victory. Wouldn’t that feel ecstatic? Exactly. Similarly, achieving your fitness goal will help you put your mind to achieving other goals you set making the whole experience thoroughly reinforcing.

Lastly, sports do not create as much stress as they help in reducing it.

Letting all your frustration go as you go out for a run, or take a few laps, or pitch a ball, or shoot some hoops is a natural way to loosen up and let go of the day’s load of stress.

Moreover, your teammates or friends at the gym act as a sort of support system that are likely to help you in times of need.

Physical activity is a boon, not a bane. Always remember that more than exhausted, you will feel energetic. You will automatically become more alert and refreshed after every session. And soon, a day without physical activity will make you realise the difference – lethargy, a dull mood and lack of something to do with yourself will ensure you never go a day without some sort of physical activity.

From being treated as a dreadful disease and hence avoided, exercise will become your means to combat all sorts of dreadful diseases.

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