5 Terribly frightening haunted places in Mumbai | Haunted places to visit in Mumbai


Who would have known that our very own Mumbai, the Sapno ki Nagri is also the abode for ghostly creatures Strange, right? The city of dreams not just brings in people from various parts of the nation for the beauty it flaunts, but also for these eerie and spooky things which excite them to the core. The megacity Mumbai has many famous haunted places along with the infectious stories surrounding them. So, without wasting much time, let us have a look at the top 5 most haunted places in Mumbai.

Top 5 Most haunted places in Mumbai

1. D’Souza Chawl

D'Souza Chawl- 5 most haunted places in Mumbai

D’ Souza Chawl, situated in Mahim is considered as one of the most haunted places of Mumbai and is a must visit location for the ghost lovers. The area itself is considered as a hub of creepy and paranormal activities. The place is said to be cursed by a woman’s spirit who died in a well. From that day till now, her spirit wanders in the nearby wells in the evening and late nights to haunt the nearby residents. This is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

2. Mukesh Mills

Mukesh-mills-Haunted-places-most haunted places in mumbai

You can say that this real-life place is, in fact, an inspiration for a Bollywood blockbuster movie. SRK’s Om Shanti Om could be assumed to have taken the plot from this eerie haunted place. Mukesh textile mill was established in the 1870s by the East India Company. Unfortunately, the mill had to shut down following a massive fire break incident which snatched away the lives of thousands of people. There are certain stories revolving around the spirit of an actress that roams the place and some unusual regions of the mill that is sufficient enough to scare the people. Over the years though, this place has become one of the most prominent sets for any form of haunted shoots.

3. Nasserganj Wadi

Naseerjung-haunted places in Mumbai

Mahim and Ghosts have some sort of inseparable bonding with one another. The story is about a man named Nasser who got burnt around 16 years ago at this place. His spirit still keeps a watch on the people who visit his property, torments them to stay away from his possessions. My advice, you wouldn’t want to mess with this man at any cost!

4. Jogeshwari, 2nd Floor

Jogeshwari-2nd-floor-haunted places in Mumbai

One of the spookiest places in Mumbai, the 2nd floor of this building is said to be the possessed by a ghost of an air hostess who got murdered in her home and sometime later another air hostess seemed to have shifted in at the same place. What’s scary is that people have witnessed seeing a woman crying on the terrace and pointing fingers towards her house as if someone else has taken over her home.

5. Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters

Juhu Pawan-haunted places in Mumbai

It is believed that in 1989, a woman named Salma, who was in her 20s burnt herself in this area. Nobody knows the reason for her suicide but people have witnessed a burning spirit run towards the Peepal tree in that region. People got so terrified from such incidents, that they even build a Hanuman temple to curb her spirit. Still, her spirit wanders around in dark nights creating some or the other mischief.

Well if you are from Mumbai or happen to visit the golden city of India then I would urge you, not even in your wildest dreams to think of giving these places a visit. One’s life is too precious to be killed at the hands of a spirit.