Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music – Hotspot of Melodies!


Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) is the best contemporary music college in the whole of South East Asia. This hotspot of music endeavours to cultivate new tracks, interdisciplinary collaborations and new approaches to music education and performance. Not only this, the institution is fixated on shaping a mature community of musicians by imbuing an evolved and refined perspective on music that radically alters their relationship with the phenomenon.

Delhi School of Music

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music has crafted a challenging academic program that replicates the traditional Indian gurukul system of classical music pedagogy to teach varied genres of music from across the globe. The Academy seeks to provide music education that builds character and personality, preparing students to enter the music industry as performers, arrangers, songwriters, composers, producers, teachers and more. Hence, to seek admission here, the following procedures need to be completed:

Admission Process for Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music - Hotspot of Melodies

SAM follows a trimester method, i.e. they have three intakes every year:

1. Spring (January)
2. Summer (May)
3. Fall (September)

  • Last date to apply for scholarships for every intake is 15 days before the start of the new course.
  • Candidates can fill up the application form online at http://sam.org.in/application/
  • On receipt of the submitted application, the candidate will receive an e-mail from the Admissions Office with the registration details

Documents required for Admission

Candidates can also register his/her application by sending the following documents to admissions@sam.org.in

  1. Scanned copy of ID proof (aadhar card, passport, driving license etc)
  2. Scanned copy of Xth Marksheet
  3. Latest passport size photograph taken on a plain background (JPEG/PNG)
  4. Transaction details of the non-refundable registration fee paid online as per details below:
    • Domestic Students: INR 5000
    • International students: USD 100
  5. On receipt of the documents, telephonic conversation will be initiated by the admissions team. This discussion is conducted to help the admissions team understand the applicant’s background
  6. All entering students may apply for scholarship. Upon acceptance of the Admission Offer, the demos submitted as links in the application form will be evaluated and the scholarship amount will be determined by the scholarship panel.
  7. In case the demos were not attached in the application form, they have to be sent to the admission office within 10 days of receipt of the offer letter.
  8. Accomodation details need to be submitted to the admissions team when asked for. Students are given the option of picking a room type that best suits them.

At this stage the final fee letter will be sent that will include the following:

1. Tuition fee
2. Accommodation Plan
3. Meal Plan
4. Miscellaneous fees
5. Scholarship awarded (if any)

  • The final fee has to be paid before the student’s arrival on campus.
  • Upon arrival, students are required to register themselves. The following documents (original & duplicate) need to be submitted at the registration desk:
    1. Offer letter & Fee letter
    2. ID Proof
    3. DOB Proof
    4. Standard X Mark sheet
    5. Physical Fitness Certificate
  • Students will receive a Welcome kit which includes essential contact details, Code of Conduct and SAM Map.
  • Information about the classes/class schedules and the Comprehensive Placement Test (for new students) will be given by the Academics Team on registration day.
  • The Comprehensive Placement Test (CPT) is conducted to evaluate the student’s music knowledge (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced) so that individual customized modules can be allocated accordingly.

 Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music is no less than a nucleus of melodies. It transforms nascent voices into one that is capable of riveting and enthralling audiences. Thus, if you’re a music enthusiast then visit the website http://sam.org.in that is just a click away and start building the astronomical music career that awaits you here.