Success Story of Indira Nooyi – The harsh truth about success


You need to put in some serious efforts if you want to achieve something in your life. If every opportunity or every stage of success turns out to be easy, then life will lose its essence. Life will lose it’s meaning the moment everything turns out to be ‘easy’. This life is a test and a trial. You will face many hurdles especially on your path to success. Well, the question is, who doesn’t wants to be successful? Who is that one soul, who didn’t sleep for nights because they had few dreams that kept them awake all night long. Here is the success story of Indira Nooyi

Success Story of Indira Nooyi

Back in the early 1970’s, when there was hardly any scope for women in the field of management. At that time, IIM Calcutta experienced an ambitious and highly determined lady who was ready to change the world. Her name is ‘Indira Nooyi’. Today, she is known as the President and CEO of PepsiCo.  A woman who believed ‘The bolder we be, the better’. She was the one who got into political conflicts and tried manufacturing healthy snacks and soft drinks in place of the old ones which had a large amount of sugar. She came to the USA with $50 in her pocket. She secured a seat at Yale University for public and private management (1978), when nobody believed that she would ever be able to make it to the top institutions of the world. She said in an interview that ‘…to get here and stay here, I have made a lot of trade-offs and sacrifices’. This basically teaches us, that success comes with a price.

If you really want to achieve something, then you should be ready to trade everything for it. Yes.! Everyone got that fire igniting in their bones, waiting to turn into a masterpiece of fireworks. But, here are a few points that I think one must be aware of. No matter how motivating the topic ‘success’ sounds, one can’t overlook these points at any cost.

Harsh Truth about Success

1. You will lose hope

Yes! Success comes with a price. Not everyone can afford it. You will lose your school friends and college mates. Definitely, these are the people who stick by your side for many years but success demands hard work and ‘time’. With time you need to learn where to invest your time, energy and resources. In this process, you will lose a lot of people because you will prioritise your work instead of temporary people. It’s fine and totally acceptable. Not everyone deserves a seat at the table called ‘life’.

2. Changes are beautiful

Changes might be really scary at first. Changes can be – moving out to a different city or stepping in a new workplace. It will be tough but the time you step out of your comfort zone, it’s the time you learn to grow into a unique being. Success comes to those who grow and who are not afraid of changes. Learn to take them as a challenge and accept it. Learn to be formless with strong principles at the same time.

3. You need to have a high emotional quotient

Psychology says that leaders are those who have a high IQ and EQ than others. This involves coming up with innovative and creative solutions at times of serious need. The basic requirement for the same is to calm yourself first. If your mind is calm all the time, you can solve all corporate house problems regarding employees professional and personal life.

4. Don’t be like jack

“Jack of all trades, the master of none”

Don’t be Jack. It’s a myth that doing everything at once can make you productive. It’s a big NO.! You need to focus your energy on one single flow. You need to excel at one task that you think you are better than others. It’s all about strengthening your strengths and not your weaknesses. Stop working on all what you are weak at. Work on all what you are good at.

5. That Late nights will pay off

Yes. Hard work forever pays. That’s one mantra that President and CEO of, Indira Nooyi follows. She doesn’t consider her work as normal ‘work’ but religious prayer/ a calling that she needs to offer every day. When you love what you do, you will never feel that: ‘ It’s too much’

6. Don’t Stress Out

With responsibilities comes to stress, which is very true in most of the cases but you need to get over that. You need to fight back depression, anxiety and stress. One needs to learn that it’s totally fine to feel ‘low’ for a few days. Take your time and get back up with more energy. Life is an ocean of opportunities you won’t miss out much. Learn to make self-care as your main priority.

7. Celebrate Life

Life is beautiful. Don’t just let it slip away. You can be a blend of all good things. You can be a hardworking person, also you can go out and make a few memoires that you will cherish throughout your life. Most importantly, travel. When you travel, you learn about life. When you travel, you meet new people and experience new cultures. You understand that life is not exactly how you think it is. Life is treated differently in all aspects of a different culture. Changes begin from the inside.

Apart from all that, one must remember that

“Success is a journey not a destination”

There will be days, on your journey to success, when you might feel underproductive and things might not go according to your ‘plan’. Those days, you need to give yourself little time. Good things take time. So, slow yourself down on those bad days and learn that you are only a human being. Stress is the worst enemy of any human being. Avoid that, it will take you many steps in the reverse direction. Success isn’t any destination. It is a journey which needs to be enjoyed.