Study hacks to study passionately – Ways which help you to Love Studying


Often students start cursing their teachers and upcoming exams for the number of subjects they need to complete within a stipulated time. Apart from going to college, attending lectures, fulfiling family and social responsibilities, classes and sometimes even part-time work, students come back home to be welcomed by a pile of books at home for them to study. It is obvious that a student after a period of time loses interest in studies and subsequently drops out from his school or college. To prevent such a situation, students need to follow some basic rules and requirements for studying in order to keep themselves glued to education. Here are some study hacks to study passionately.

Study hacks to study passionately

1. Choose a comfortable environment

Choose a comfortable environment - Study hacks to study passionately

The environment in which a student studies matters a lot as it affects the concentration power of an individual. You have to look out for a quiet place in your house which will help you focus on things properly. Sitting on the bed and studying can make you feel sleepy. Instead, you should opt for study table or dining table in your house. Whenever you feel that you are getting bored with the environment, you can go up to a library, a cafe or a park which will instantly lighten up your mood and you will be refreshed.

2. Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions - Study hacks to study passionately

The golden egg of all the study hacks to study passionately is that you should keep yourself away from the distractions and things which attract you towards themselves and prevent you from studying. These include TV, Laptop, Smartphone, Video games, Novels etc. They are the things which will bother you while you are trying to concentrate on your studies. You will enjoy studying only if you immerse your whole self into studying with dedication and hard-work.

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3. Use colourful study materials

Use colorful study materials - Study hacks to study passionately

When you use colourful study materials such as pens, papers, notepads, sticky notes, sketch pens etc. you are drawing yourself more towards the area which requires those things to be used. It increases your curiosity and your creative side to organise your studies in a colourful way. It also attracts you towards studying and you will definitely enjoy studying more with this stationery.

4. Play background music

Play background music - Study hacks to study passionately

Background music will make studying more enjoyable and you will never get bored of studying. It will channelize your brain towards a specific task and will keep your brain active and alert. You should play some soft and slow music without lyrics as it will help you to freshen up your mind. Lyrics can distract and you never know, you may start singing along! Also, avoid playing loud and deafening music as it will break your concentration.

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5. Watch related videos

Watch related videos - Study hacks to study passionately

Studying and reading from the textbooks can be monotonous and boring. Therefore to enhance your learning, you can search for educational videos on the same topics on youtube which will help you to understand the concepts in a better way. Visual lessons can also help you to grasp the tricky concepts in less time. It is said that visual art has more power, engaging individuals rather than reading the same thing.

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6. Frame songs or code words

Frame songs or code words - Study hacks to study passionately

This is a fun activity which will help you to store a lot of information in your brain. You can frame code words for lengthy answers in which you need to remember a specific code for each answer. Hence, you can write those long answers with much ease. You can also pick up a tune from your favourite song and frame the lyrics as your answer. This will help you to remember your notes in a jolly and entertaining way.

7. Group studies

Group Studies - Study hacks to study passionately

Looking for some study partners in a potential way to develop an interest in studying. You can divide your studies among yourselves and then solve the difficult ones together. In this way, you can get the help related to the topics which you don’t understand and you can help your study-mates with the things which they don’t understand. Group studies develop your social skills and thus you can enjoy studying and make new friends too.

8. Reward yourself

Reward yourself - Study hacks to study passionately

Firstly, you need to divide your study material into smaller chunks with an equal amount of break time between them. Ater completing a specify amount of study within the stipulated time, you can set up rewards for yourself in order to boost up your energy and morale. Calling a friend, watching a funny video and other leisure activities can be used to reward yourself. It will motivate you to complete your studies before time in anticipation of a reward.

So now, after you have known some of the study hacks to study passionately, make sure you implement them in order to achieve the best results. Studying becomes enjoyable if you consider it interesting and attractive. If you feel that it is boring, you may not be able to develop that strength and motivation in your heart to study.